Zone Domination is a Single-Player mode. It's based on the "Heroes and Heralds" mode of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Overview Edit

In this mode, the player chooses 4 bots as his allies. The OA bots also display their stats, such as Accuracy, Aggresiveness, Team Tactics and Agility. Once they've chosen four AI allies, the next screen is presented as a 5 x 5 matrix of maps, each with a gametype, score limit and time limit set. These maps start at 50%.

With every win, the winning team scores 10%. A square is declared won when it reaches 100%, and lost when it reaches 0%. The session ends in a lose situation when there's a square reaching a 0%. It adds a bit more of challenge, as the player is obligated to win (and to lose as fewer matches as possible, since each lose is a step in losing the entire game) in order to keep on playing.

Special attention is given to the awards which are obtained through gameplay. Each match which ends with 5 or more awards gives the player a chance to play "green" match, a special match with customized rules and harder challenges (dumb team AI/better rival AI) which gives a whooping 20% when won, and subtracts 20% when lost. This can only happen once per square. Unlocking the 25 green squares will also give the player a special match in another randomized map, a "gold" match, with Godlike difficulty, which gives/subtracts 20% on all maps if won/lost. All in all, the idea is to reward players for victories with harder matches, but with sweet rewards.

The objective is to conquer all the squares in the map.

Examples of matches Edit

Normal Edit

Gametype Frag Limit(s) Time Limit(s) Notes
Team Deathmatch 50-100 10/15
Capture The Flag 3-7 10/15
One Flag CTF 2-5 10/15
Harvester 15-30 10/15
Overload 1-3 10/15
Elimination 5-10 2/3 Time limit is per round.
CTF Elimination 7-12 2/3 Time limit is per round.
Double Domination 2-5 10/15
Domination 75-125 10/15

Green/Gold match rules Edit

Option Related cvar Values Notes
InstaGib g_instantgib 1
Single-weapon arena Includes the Gauntlet.
Vampire g_vampire 20%-50%
g_vampire_max_health = 199
Regeneration g_regen 2%-20%
Catch-up g_catchup 1-5
Elimination-like spawn g_elimination 1 Starts with all weapons. elimination_* variables should be set for this.
Random weapon/powerup/holdable respawn
No armor disable_item_armor_* 1
No powerups disable_holdable_*
1 Also disables holdables from missionpack.
No health disable_item_health_* 1 Includes Megahealth.
No ammo disable_ammo_* 1 Also disables ammo for missionpack weapons.
No runes g_runes 0
Random starting score Always against the player
Low Gravity g_gravity 100-300
Turbo mode g_speed 480 150% normal speed
Slo-Mo mode g_speed 160 50% normal speed
Handicap handicap 50-75
Friendly Fire g_friendlyfire 50%-100%
Anchor physics dmflags 128
No self-damage dmflags 1024
Super-Quad g_quadfactor 5
Push match g_knockback 2000

See also Edit

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