League Mode (also called Cup Mode) is a single-player based modality inspired in real world competitions. There are two approaches for it: the League approach and the Cup approach.

League approach Edit

From a pool of 2n teams (n can be from 2 to 5, i.e. 4-8-16-32 teams), a number of them are placed into a single group, with the round-robin set of rules, at single match. The first place at the end of the League is the winner.

Cup approach Edit

In this mode, there's a number of 2n teams (with "n" being 3-4-5, meaning 8-16-32 teams) which are placed into small groups of 4 teams each. Every group is played with the round-robin set of rules, at single match. First two places in each group advance to the knockoff phase, whose amount of sub-phases vary according to the amount of groups:

  • For 8 teams, it's just semifinal and final.
  • For 16 teams, there's also quarterfinals.
  • For 32 teams, there's also 1/8th. finals.

The winner at the end of the knockout phase is the winner of the Cup.

Teams Edit

The teams can be generated automatically from the current botlist, or from a file or set of them.

Each entry is composed by the name of the team and up to six bots.

Score Edit

In League mode and the Group stage of Cup mode, the winning team is rewarded with three points, while the losing team gets zero. There are also several bonus points awarded by completing different team tasks, such as:

  • Reverting a match's result (from losing at least 2-0 to winning).
  • Winning with Perfect.
  • Finishing the match before the timelimit.
  • Losing with the minimal difference (normally 1-0).
  • Getting more Defense awards than the winning team.

A team can't win more than two bonus points, though.

There are also League/Cup points, which are calculated in a scoreobtained:scorelimit ratio, with 10 as the maximum score per match. For example, in a Capture The Flag match with capturelimit 10, a team may have won 7-4, so the winning team gets 70% (7 League Points) while the losing team gets 40% (4 League Points).

In case of qualification tie, teams are settled first by League/Cup score (LPF-LPA) then by highest League Points, then by wins, then by less loses. A tie-break match may ensue if the difference between teams isn't settled.

Eligible gametypes Edit

  • Free For All (used for 1on1 matches)
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Capture The Flag
  • One Flag CTF
  • Harvester
  • Overload
  • Elimination
  • CTF Elimination
  • Double Domination
  • Domination

See also Edit

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