In this page you can find some info about the compatibility of some video chipsets (GPU, Graphics Processing Unit) with OpenArena.

3dfx Edit

Graphics Chipset Works OS OA version Notes
Voodoo2 1000 Yes Win9X 0.8.8
  • r_picmip 2 for less texture thrashing is recommended
  • MesaFX may be required
Voodoo3 3000 Yes Win9X 0.8.8

PowerVR Edit

Graphics Chipset Works OS OA version Notes
PCX-2 No Win9X 0.8.8
  • Only works with Techland MiniGL

No blending

r_vertexlight 1 and r_picmip 2 or 3 recommended




Tile-based rendering causes bloom to be very slow

See alsoEdit

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