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Content list for OpenArena 3 so far, divided in categories.

There is a specific sub-page for maps: OA3List/Maps.

Essentials Edit

Required for code, pak0 material. Player models are not included as they're focused outside this list

Gameplay Edit


Object Model Skin Concept
Blue Flag 85% 88% Yes
Red Flag 85% 88% Yes
Neutral Flag 85% 88% Yes
Double DOM Point Alpha No
Double DOM Point Beta No
Flag Base Yes
Overload Obelisk No
Harvester Orb (skull) No


Object Model Skin Concept
Ammo Pickups 100% 75% No
Yellow Armor 100% 100% Yes
Red Armor 100% 90% Yes
Armor Shard 100% 95% Yes
Small Health 100% 100% No
Medium Health 100% 100% No
Large Health 100% 100% No
Mega Health 95% 95% No
Portable Medkit Yes
Personal Teleporter No
Battle Suit Yes
Flight 90% 80% Yes
Haste No
Invisibility No
Quad Damage No
Regeneration Yes
Kamikaze Yes
Invulnerability Sphere Yes
Ammo Regen Rune No
Doubler Rune No
Scout Rune No
Guard Rune No
Chicken No
Portable Portal No


Object Model Skin Concept
Gib of abdomen 100% 88% No
Gib of arm 100% 88% No
Gib of brain 100% 88% No
Gib of chest No
Gib of fist 100% 88% No
Gib of foot No
Gib of forearm 100% 88% No
Gib of intestines 100% 88% No
Gib of leg 100% 88% No
Gib of skull 100% 88% No
Teleport Effect 100% 92% No
Rocket Explosion 100% 90% No
Grenade Explosion 100% 90% No
BFG Explosion 100% 90% No
Bullet Impact 100% 100% No
Shell casing 100% 100% No
Bullet casing No
Rail impact No
Plasma impact 20% No
Lightning impact 100% No
Juiced effect (prox gibbed invuln sphere) No
Kamikaze explosion No
Blood effect 100% No

Weapons Edit

Weapons in BOLD are the most prevalent weapons and should have a higher priority

Weapon Model Skin Sound Flash Projectile Concept
Gauntlet 95% 80% 20% 30% N/A Yes
Machinegun 20% 10% 55% Yes
Shotgun 80% 85% 70% 100% N/A Yes
Grenade Launcher Yes
Rocket Launcher 60% 30% 95% 50% 100% Yes
Plasma Gun 85% 45% 0% 86% 86% Yes
Lightning Gun 92% 88% 82% 100% N/A Yes
Railgun 95% 95% 100% 50% N/A Yes
Prox Launcher No
Nailgun No
Chaingun N/A No
Grappling Hook No

See also Edit

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