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Because I have to.

General NOTTODO still applies.

Here, some clarifications and emphasis which are especially important for OA3 development.

NOT TO DO!!! Edit

  • Pop-culture references.  OA3 is a 2000 technical aesthetic-styled game, NOT a "wazzup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! look how 2000 we are!!! is that your final answer??? all your base!!! bye bye bye" game.
  • Politics.
  • Nudity.   A common misconception about the switch to an anime style is that there will be nudity - this is far from the truth.
  • Engine switches.  There is no logical reason nor benefit to switch to a "better" engine.
  • License switches.
  • Platform regressions. It is my intent to have this game still working on low end and older systems.
  • Scavenge existing artwork.  This is not an ASSET FLIPPING game.

Character Designs Edit

  • Skeletons. Doesn't LOD well, and are very taboo in places like China.
  • Merpeople/Amphibians. The game has a drowning mechanic. This is not changing for anyone. Merpeople make less sense with it.
  • High bare-flesh-to-clothing ratio. Remember Angelyss? That's not happening again (in baseoa3 at least).
  • Heterochromia. This trope has been done to death ever since Rozen Maiden's Suiseiseki was a "dank meme". Also the additional texture switching isn't worth it.

See alsoEdit

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