Mod Name: Urban Terror

Instructions to make it work: Just copy q3ut4 folder from Urban Terror, to your openarena directory.

WorksMod VersionOA VersionNotesOperating System
Partly 4.1 0.8.5 Fails to connect to master server. Vista x86_64
Mostly ? 0.6.0 missing textures in some maps, but the game itself works and plays fine, except the levels: "dust the second edition" and "ricochet". online support so far in 1 map ?


Urban Terror mod has got a more realistic approach than Q3A or OpenArena. It features more realistic weapons and physics, and has got its own maps and models.

Urban Terror has been first created as a mod for Quake 3 Arena. After the free release of id Tech 3 engine and the birth of ioquake3 derived engine (the same that acts as base for OpenArena), Urban Terror has been released available as a standandalone game: you can play it using its own engine ioUrbanTerror, derived from ioquake3. If you want, you can also put the right folders inside the Quake 3 installation folder, and play it as a standard Quake 3 mod.

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