Mod Name: Ultra Freeze Tag

Also known as: Freeze Tag, Freeze, ufreeze, Ultra Freeze

Instructions to make it work: Download mod and unpack it in your openarena folder. Run it from Mods menu.

WorksMod VersionOA VersionNotesOperating System
Yes 1.1 0.8.5

Missing some textures; it doesn't display the menu background and uses the old 0.8.1 color scheme. Playing part works without any problems. Config files need adjustments for OA (map rotation, location of OA binary)



Thawing ftw

Thawed a bot

Ultra Freeze Tag is mod based on well known Freeze Tag mod. It focuses more on freezing than fraging. This mod is best played in team games (TDM and CTF avalible). Team scores when all members of other team are frozen.

You can thaw your wich brings him back in the game.

Bots know how to thaw but they get easyly distracted with an enemy. If thawing fails Frozen percent goes back to full. After some time you will auto-thaw (default is set at 2 minutes) till than you can spactate the game. Mod provides few pre-set options you can run (you have to change scripts to reflect usage of OpenArena). If you run server directly from Openarena you can use exec <filename> or in game vote to start preconfiguratied modes:

  • Freeze tag casual:
    • This option will set all settings to default Ultra Freeze Tag settings
    • Players start with Rocket launcher, Granade launcher and Shotgun
    • g_teamForceBalance 1
  • Freeze tag competition
    • Suicides of all kinds get some kind of penalty(Falling/drowning is a freeze, 3-second wait on lava/slime/voids/death fog)
    • Friendly fire on
    • You are not allowd to follow enemy players
    • Players start with Shotgun
    • Teams can be locked with /locked command
    • Players must ready with /ready command
  • Freeze tag hook rail
    • Rail jump
    • off hand hook


Enemy models

You can change how enemies look like with forcing their models (cg_enemyheadmodel is available too)

cg_enemymodel "sarge"

Starting weapons

If you wan't to change starting weapons for players add from table numbers up and set wp_flags to this number. example: If you wan't players to start with rocket launcher and plasma numbers add up to 72

set wp_flags 72

You can even setup wich weapons will not spawn on a map. Summing from above example applies:

set weaponlimit 72

Weapons table

Machinegun          1
Shotgun             2
Grenade Launcher    4
Rocket Launcher     8
Lightning Gun       16
Railgun             32
Plasma Gun          64
BFG10K              128
Nailgun             256
Prox Launcher       512
Chaingun            1024
Gauntlet            2048


You can set wich options can be voted. Voting of config files is disabled by default (vote_config)



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