Mod Name: True Combat

Also known as: TrueCombat, TC

Instructions to make it work: Just copy it in your openarena directory.

Works Mod Version OA Version Notes Operating System
Yes 1.2 0.8.1 / XP


TrueCombat is a mod designed for Q3A, and works with OpenArena. It is designed to be a realistic shoot-em-up game (as opposite to Q3 "arcade" gameplay).

It's a Total Conversion which uses its own menus, its own maps, its own weapons. It features normal doors (opposite to standard q3/oa "sliding" doors) and in a few spots even destroyable obstacles such as wood planks. Gameplay is very different from the standard game, just think about that running consumes some stamina.

It is advisable to enter Options menu to assign keys to the mod-specific commands, such as realoading the weapon or opening the "Equip" menu, which allows to select your equipment for the next respawn.

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