The Dark Conjunction 01

Your crashed plane.

Mod name: The Dark Conjunction

Also Known As: TDC

Instruction to make it work: Unzip into your OpenArena installation directory and launch from Mods menu or modifying the batch file included.

WorksMod VersionOA VersionNotesOperating System
Yes 1.0 Demo 0.8.5 Works.


The Dark Conjunction 02

Fighting a monster with a bone.

The Dark Conjunction is a Total Conversion: you will not find classic weapons, characters and arenas. The Dark Conjunction is a single player game: gameplay is not "deathmatch" style as usual for Quake III Arena and OpenArena, you will follow a "story" instead.

At the beginning of the game, your plane will crash land, ad you will survive, finding yourself in a semi-desert city. You will find come cadavers along the city, and eventually you will find that there are monsters around. You will then go to an air force base, and the story continues... You will find other characters, and some of them will help you fighting the monsters.

In this game you will not have an extremely various and powerful inventory of weapons: gameplay is not in a "Serious Sam" style, it is more a "survival horror" style. You begin the game with no weapons, then will you find a bone to fight with, and later you will find pistols and shotguns.

The Dark Conjunction 03

Dead monsters inside a military base.

The mod includes save and load game functions.

A single player game, unusual for a Quake 3 mod, well done.


This mod was written for Quake III Arena, and it works with OpenArena. If you want to use the Windows batch file included to start the game, remember to edit Run TDC.bat file to replace "quake3.exe" with "openarena.exe".

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