See also: Q3A/Team Arena

Mod Name: Quake III: Team Arena

Also known as: Team Arena, Q3:TA, TA

Instructions to make it work: Create a folder for the mod inside your OpenArena installation folder ("missionpack" is already used for the "missionpack" of OpenArena, thus you should use another name, for example missionpack2 or teamarena), then copy the "pak0.pk3" file (on its installation CD, it should be located under the "Setup\missionpack" folder) of Team Arena inside that folder.

WorksMod VersionOA VersionNotesOperating System
Yes ? 0.8.5 Working. Few textures missing. Be careful when installing, since OpenArena already contains the folder of a mod called "missionpack".



OpenArena running Team Arena mod.

See also: Q3A/Team Arena

Quake III: Team Arena, or simply Team Arena, is an official mod for Quake III: Arena, released by id Software. Unlike most mods, it has not been created for distribution free of charge, but as commercial software. Its source code has later been released under the free GPLv2 license, but stuff like textures and models is still under copyright.

Team Arena introduced three weapons (the chaingun, the proximity mines and the nailgun). It introduced four "team power-ups" (Doubler, Guard, Scout and Ammoregen). It introduced two new "holdable items" (invulnerability and kamikaze). It introduced the One Flag CTF, Harvester and Overload gametypes. You can find these features directly inside the standard OpenArena (with new 3D models), and "The mission pack" mod aims to resemble Team Arena more closely.

Team Arena also introduced various new arenas, plus new character models (with 5 "teams" of bots) and some minor changes/features.

From the main menu it is possible to access an "help" section that explains some rules.


Team Arena is a mod for Quake III Arena, and works with OpenArena, too. With OpenArena 0.8.5, few textures are missing. To make the mod work with OpenArena, just copy its "pak0.pk3" file (that should be in its installation CD, under the setup\missionpack folder) inside a subfolder under your OpenArena installation directory. But please notice that OpenArena has already got its own "missionpack" mod, thus you have to rename the folder of one of the two (do not try to place it in the same folder): you may name the folder for Team Arena, for example, missionpack2 or teamarena. Then you will be able to launch the game loading OpenArena and then selecting, under the "mods" menu, the name corresponding to the folder you created for Team Arena... or you may start it directly from your operating system command line, with the "+ fs_game <modfolder>" parameter (see also Manual/Using Mods).

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