Mod name: Rune Quake 3

Also known as: RQ3, Rune Quake, Rune

Instruction to make it work: Unzip into your OpenArena installation directory (you should place the mod under a "rune" or "Rune" subfolder, so remember to check the path) the main file and the patches (paths stored in zip files depend on which files you download, so read specific notes in external links section below). Then start OpenArena and select the mod from menu. Then go to Setup->Controls->Shoot to bind a key for "change weapon mode" function. Then go to Setup->Controls->Runes to bind keys for rune controls (various commands) and grappling hook. Note that (tested RQ3 v2Beta2) "rune menu" binding does not work from that screen, please use \bind <key> menu if you need it (see also Troubleshooting section below).

WorksMod VersionOA VersionNotesOperating System
Yes V2Beta2 0.8.5 Works well. Only some minor missing textures.


Rune Quake 3 is inspired by previous mods, Rune Quake for Quake 1 and Artifact Quake for Quake 1 and Quake 2.

RuneQuake3 01

Some runes and description of the one own.

In this mod, many "runes" will randomly appear and disapper around the arena. When you pickup a rune, you will be able to use it. Runes have very different effects (many different effects). For example, they can place various kinds of traps (like energy barriers or freezing traps), increase your fire-rate, ignore your target's armor, teleport to where you are aiming... and many more. Some of them are always equipped, other must be activated and have a specific number of uses, other have to be activated and then have a recharge time before you can activate them again. You can bring only one rune at a time (if you want, you can throw away your current rune). Unless you disable this function, you will see a short effect description for your rune in the upper right corner of the screen.

Some weapon models have been changed. Railgun beam passes through walls (like in Rocket VS Rail mod) and there is a new weapon called "flamethrower" (you can test it with /devmap <mapname> and then /give flamethrower), a medium-short range weapon that can set on fire someone after some hits. (If you know how to get it in other ways, please write it here!)
More important, most weapons have got a second (or even third) fire mode, for example a more powerful railgun, autoguided rockets, a quicker shotgun and a quicker machinegun. You don't need to have a rune to use secondary fire modes. But, unlike "Alternate Fire" mod, here you have to select weapon mode before firing: you can press more times the button binded for a certain weapon to cycle its functions, or you can bind a specific "change weapon mode" button in the menu. It remembers last mode used for each weapon, even after you die. Various fire modes may use different amount of ammo for each shot.

RuneQuake3 03 flame traps

Two "flaming traps" placed, thanks to "rune of fire".

You can also bind two different keys for offhand grapple (aka "grappling hook"), always equipped. With the first, you have to hold down the button when you use it and you will detach from the wall when you release the button. With the second, push once to throw the hook and push again to detach.


As the name suggest, this mod was written for Quake III Arena. Anyway it works fine with OpenArena (tested RQ3v2Beta2 with OA 0.8.5): there are only few textures missing and buttons in menus alternate their OpenArena look with mod's look when highlighted. As usual with Q3A mods, you can use the four standard game modes and you will not find the weapons from Team Arena.


RuneQuake3 02

A rune and description of the one own.

A small problem (found with RQ3 v2Beta2 and OA 0.8.5): key binding for "rune menù" (a simple in-game menu that shows actions you can do with runes) does not work from graphical user interface (Settings->Commands->Runes->Rune menu). Workaround is easy: you simply have to bind it manually from command console: \bind <key> menu (for example, \bind z menu to assign it to "z" key)... the option from graphical interface erroneously binds "rune menu" command instead of "menu", so it does not work. Anyway, this command is almost useless, since you can bind a specific key for each of its options (Use Rune, Drop Rune, Toss Rune, Rune Description ON/OFF)... these functions are correctly binded from graphical interface (anyway, remember to do it!).

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