Mod Name: Reaction

Also known as: RQ3, Reaction Quake 3

Instructions to make it work: Copy it in your openarena directory. Modify cvar.cfg or change your com_maxfps to a value between 30 and infinity.

WorksMod VersionOA VersionNotesOperating System
Yes 3.2 0.8.0 Didn't notice anything amiss under 0.8.0 except needing to tweak the cvar.cfg for RQ3. Missing icon on mod menu config is missing in RQ3, not OA. Vista 32-bit
Yes ? 0.7.0 Works with little tweaking, missing some textures under 6. Works with alterations to cvar.cfg, less textures missing under 7. ?


Reaction Quake 3 is inspired by a previous mod for Quake 2, Action Quake2, and is a total conversion based on action and realism.

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