A.k.a. Flag Raiders
Single Player Capture the Flag
Current version 2.0
Status Active
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FlagRaiders may be described as a "single player capture the flag" mod, designed for Quake 3 Arena: you can play it all alone, without the need of other players (but if you want, you can play it in multiplayer mode, too).

You have to grab a flag and carry it along a difficult path, avoiding deadly traps and passing over obstacles. It requires control skills, using techiques as strafe jumps, rocket jumps and plasma climbs. It uses "Vanilla Q3" game physics.

You will usually have no enemy to shoot at, but you can play in multiplayer by having the enemy team playing in a map identical to yours and/or by cooperating with you team-mates (e.g. one pushes the button to open the door another one will use). Some maps include more flags, to allow more flag carriers at once.

The mod may have some similarities with the more famous DeFRaG, but anyway it has not been tought as a Defrag Clone, but simply as "Akom74's mod". And it's easier than Defrag, being mostly suitable for medium level Quake3 users.

The mod includes three "bonus" maps with a very different gameplay and bot support, where you can actually fight and make fast captures by spawning in the opposite team's base (where there are three flags).

Included "readme" file explains various infos about the mod, including game physics, compatibility and known bugs... it is advisable to read it.


Unzip the "FlagRaiders2.rar" file into your OpenArena installation folder, paying attention to create a "FlagRaiders2" subfolder in the process. Then edit the included batch files to launch openarena.exe instead of quake3.exe, if you want to use them to start the game.

Compatibility chartEdit

WorksMod VersionOA VersionNotesOperating System
Mostly 2.0 0.8.8 OpenArena has not replaced many Quake 3 textures yet, so they look as "missing" in FlagRaiders... but you can install a third-party "Q3A2OA" texture compatibility pack to fix the problem. If you want to use the included Windows batch files to launch the game, you have to edit them to launch openarena.exe (or openarena.x86.exe) instead of quake3.exe. On very few machines it has been noticed a "Waiting for players" text appearing on the upper side of the screen: in case this happens to you, simply ignore the message while playing on SPCTF maps. The GUI has got some little bugs that occur also when playing it in Q3A, and they are documented in the "readme" file.


Included "readme" tells about compatibility and some little bugs in the GUI.

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