BazookaQ3 01
Bazooka Quake 3
A.k.a. BQ3
Bazooka Quake III
Current version 2.X
Status Inactive
Tagline Because nuclear weapons are too impersonal

Mod Description Edit

Bazooka Quake 3 is a mod for Q3A that transforms all the weapons in the game (except for machinegun) into various kinds of rockets. No gauntlet, no plasma, no railgun... there are rockets instead!

Weapons Edit

  • Machinegun: same weapon as ever, for "last resort" only. The only "hitscan" weapon in the game, and with unlimited ammo, but not very effective...
  • Rocket: very similar to the standard Quake 3 rockets, but makes less damage
  • Concussion: fast... and enables very powerful rocket-jumps
  • Schrapnel: releases metal shards at impact
  • RPG: very powerful weapon. The rocket starts slowly, then accelerates
  • Rocket pod: bursts of five small and inaccurate missiles
  • Laser guided: powerful, it follows a laser pointer (the user's cursor)
  • Napalm: at impact, it releases deadly fire in its area, which remains for some seconds
  • Hellfire: a slow projectile, a big blast

Powerups Edit

  • Weapon amplifier
  • Intertial barrier
  • Coolant system
  • Displacement
  • Ammo regen
  • Jetpack: you can use it to fly for some seconds. But get it too overheated and it will explode
  • Kamikaze
  • Teleporter

Game modes Edit

You can choose within the four game modes of Q3A (FFA, TDM, CTF, Tournament), but then you have more options to select:

  • Weapon mode
    • Standard: you can bring all the various kinds of rockets you grab
    • Classic: you can bring only one kind of rockets at once
  • Score mode (they change scoring and rules)
    • Last man standing: you begin with a fixed number of lives, when you run out of them you have to spectate to the end of the round
    • Soul survivor: similar to Last man standing, but you can get more lives picking up the skulls that dead players leave behind them
    • Survivor II: similar to Soul survivor, but you don't need to pick up the skulls to get the extra life.
    • Escalation
    • Overkill
    • Weaponmaster: you begin with all weapons, but when a character is killed with a weapon, that weapon is removed from the game
    • Weaponmaster EX
  • The "Jetmatch" option gives a jetpack to everyone

From main menu, the "help" option explains weapons and rules. You can select your HUD style from menu.

Installation Edit

Just copy (unzip) it into OpenArena directory.

Compatibility Chart Edit

WorksMod VersionOA VersionNotesOperating System
Yes 2.X Beta 0.8.5 Only minor problems caused by missing textures: concussion missile blast not transparent. Some ioquake3/OpenArena functions not available (for example, you will not find anything in the place of the three Team Arena weapons).

Troubleshooting Edit

Screenshots Edit

Download Mirrors Edit

2.X beta Edit

2.X final Edit

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