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BFG10K Arena
Wirehead Studios
Current version 1.30
Status Inactive
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This mod is focused around the BFG weapon. But it is not the BFG10K from Quake 3/OpenArena, it is the BFG10K from Quake 2, a very different weapon.

This BFG consumes 50 cells at each use, has a long recharge time and also a pre-load time before shooting. It will shoot a huge green energy ball that will slowly fly across the air. If there are enemies in the area, they will be hit by automatic "laser beams" emitted by the energy ball. The ball explodes when hits someone or something.

It is a powerful weapon. Because of there aren't many BFGs in the levels, there are various "BFG Play Types", that integrate with the regular game types (FFA, Tournament, TDM, CTF). These new gametypes can be controlled from the "skirmish" or "create" menù, or directly from console using \bfg_gametype <number>. (Reminder: you can change regular game types with \g_gametype <number>. You can apply the changes with \map_restart)

  • 0, Standard mode. You will simpy find the BFG from Quake2 in place of the one from Quake3. So, you will find it a low number of maps.
  • 1, Powerup Replace. You will find the BFG in place of powerups like Quad Damage or Haste.
  • 2, Incremental. Players begin the game with BFG and 0 cells, and they should get 2 cells every second. Unfortunately, this game mode does not work properly, even with Quake III Arena (tested with Q3A v1.32c and BFG10K Arena v1.30): cells aren't refilled! <If you know a workaround for this problem, please write here>
  • 3, Fully loaded. Players begin the game will all the weapons and 200 ammo for each weapon (4 shoots with the BFG). You will not find more ammo in the map (but you can pickup the weapon lost by a killed player).
  • 4, BFG Fury. Players begin the game with infinite ammo for the machinegun. Every weapon found in the map is a BFG and each ammo pack contains 50 BFG cells (50 cells=1 shoot).

You will find a readme.txt file in the mod's folder.

Installation Edit

Just decompress it (if you are using Windows, you can self-extract the file if you downloaded the .exe one, but check the path of the game) in your OpenArena directory. Then start a new "skirmish" or "multiplayer" game, so you will be able to set the "BFG Play Type".

Compatibility Chart Edit

WorksMod VersionOA VersionNotesOperating System
No 1.0 0.8.5 Not working: it is for the old Point Release 1.17 of Quake III Arena.
Yes 1.30 0.8.5 You will not see the background image for the main menù, and you will not find the three weapons introduced by Team Arena. You will be able to use the BFG play types with the four classic game types. When you shoot with BFG, if you watch attentively, you can notice something like a non-transparent texture for a frame or two, but nothing that influeces the game. "Incremental" mode does not work properly even with Q3A.

Troubleshooting Edit

  • The package includes some pre-set configuration files that you can execute if you want, but you have to do some changes because the map rotation scripts calls for Quake3 maps (you have to use maps you have). Also setting sv_pure 1 and adding sv_allowdownload 1 could be nice, if you want to be a server. See also Servers#Server config example.

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