ARQ 01
Archon for Q3:A
Kris 'Mr_Grim' Rigby
A.k.a. ARQ
Current version 061002
Status Inactive


Archon for Q3:A, or simply ARQ, is an interesting mod for Quake III Arena, inspired by an old game called "Archon". It is similar to a chess game (main game screen is a chessboard), but when two characters get on the same square, they are transferred to a Quake 3 Arena/OpenArena map (you select a map before beginning the game) and the two fight until one of them dies, conquering the square. Characters are divided into "light" and "dark" sides, that alternate movement on the chessboard. Objective is to destroy all enemy pieces.

The two teams are formed by various types of characters; each type has a different starting health level, different movement range on chessboard, and its unique weapon for the fighting section (weapons are modified from the standard Quake 3 Arena). There are some "power point" squares that enhance pieces that stand on them. Each team has got a character able to use some magic powers (for example, to heal another piece).

ARQ 02

The chessboard, from behind the dark side.

Readme.txt file in the mod's folder explains some rules. Take a look!

Tip: it is advisable to use small maps, to easily find your opponent during the fight sections. Anyway, finding him is helped by the fact that you will always see his name over his head, even if he's behind walls. Remember that the lava will not kill you and, when falling into a deadly pit, you should be teleported on the ground again.

Installation Edit

Copy the mod to your OA folder. After that, download and install the apposite OA patch (see download mirrors below).

Compatibility chart Edit

WorksMod VersionOA VersionNotesOperating System
No 061002 0.8.5 Not working. Game starts, but you can't join a team. No version referred in readme.txt file (061002 is part of the downloaded zip file name).
Yes 061002 + Patch for OA 0.8.5 After installing the additional patch, it works as perfectly as it would on Quake 3.

Troubleshooting Edit

  • If you want to launch the game from the included Windows batch file (arq.bat), remember to modify it to start openarena instead of quake3.
  • If you use the in-game "join" menu to change your "side", you will always end in spectating. This affects the mod also under Q3A. If you know a workaround, please write it here.
  • When creating a multiplayer match, sometimes it happens that many error messages appear in console, talking about an "out of range" error for g_knockback variable. This affects the mod also under Q3A. If you know a workaround, please write it here.

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061002 Edit

OA 0.8.5 Compatibility Patch Edit

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