Oa spirit3-small
Where Fears Collide
Gametypes Capture The Flag
One Flag CTF
CTF Elimination
Double Domination
Appeared in 0.7.0

Map Description Edit

The map is the original spirit3ctfduel1 released for OA. It first came in the Map-Center OA Mappack.

This is a small CTF map originally designed for smaller-than-usual CTF games. Play this 2vs2 or, if you prefer lots of action, 3vs3.

This map consists of 2 bases in opposing buildings with a water area between them, in the center of the map. Each base has an upper entrance (via a jumppad in the center area) and a front entrance. Behind the front door, the path splits into 2 possible routes, the direct route and another one through the basement. So there are 3 ways to reach the flag.

Control over the central water area gives you access to a MH high up in the central room via an underwater teleporter. For the base defenders, each base holds a YA. Grabbing this requires that the defender drops down to the lowest level. RGs are found in the bases, but it takes some time to get them.

Weapons and items Edit

Weapons Edit

Weapon Amnt Ammo Where?
Shotgun 1 map center
Grenade Launcher 2 bases, flag room
Rocket Launcher 2 bases, flag room
Lightning Gun 2 bases, lower entrance
Railgun 3 2 in bases, high up. 1 in center of map
Plasma Gun 1 center of map

Items Edit

Item Amount Where?
Megahealth 1 map center, high
Combat Armor 2 bases, lower flag room
Health Armor Powerup Holdable Rune

Tactics and strategy Edit

Control over the central room helps a lot because it gives you access to MH. The RG offers good control over the jumppads in the central room.

Screenshots Edit

Links Edit

CTF-based maps

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