Oa bases3plus3-small
Some Better Bases
Luciano "Neon Knight" Balducchi
Gametypes Capture The Flag
One Flag CTF
CTF Elimination
Double Domination
Music OA07
Appeared in 0.8.8

Map Description Edit

Weapons and items Edit

Weapons Edit

Weapon Amnt Ammo Where?

Items Edit

Item Amount Where?
Health Armor Powerup Holdable Rune

Tactics and strategy Edit

Domination Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The map was in an unfinished status, with a nasty flagbug where the flags themselves weren't shown in the CTF-based modes. Naturally, this bug was fixed, and additional changes such as two new entries to the bases, a new weapon/item placement, a version of the map with TA weapons and items and some details were made.
  • The original map by enki included trapdoors. These were removed in the final version.

Screenshots Edit

Links Edit

CTF-based maps

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