Am thornish-small
Thornish Revenge
Luciano "Neon Knight" Balducchi
Spawnpoints 16 neutral
12 per team
Gametypes Capture The Flag
One Flag CTF
CTF Elimination
Double Domination
Music OA14
Appeared in 0.8.8

Map description Edit

Weapons & Items Edit

Weapons Edit

Weapon Amnt Ammo Where?
Machinegun 4  
Grenade Launcher 2 2  
Rocket Launcher 4 4  
Lightning Gun 1 2  
Railgun 2 2  
Plasma Gun 2 4  
BFG 1 0  
Nailgun 2 2  
Chaingun 2 2  
Prox Launcher 1 2  

NOTE: Every player also spawns with a Shotgun.

Items Edit

Item Amount Where?
+5 Health 8  
+25 Health 4  
+50 Health 4  
Megahealth 1  
Armor Shard 12  
Body Armor 2  
Quad Damage 1  
Invisibility 1  
Regeneration 1  
Haste 1  
Battle Suit 1  
Flight 1  
Personal Teleporter 1  
Medkit 1  
Invulnerability 1  
Kamikaze 1  
Ammo Regen 4  
Doubler 4  
Guard 4  
Scout 4  
Health Armor Powerup Holdable Rune

Tactics and strategy Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The map takes inspiration from the CTF-Thorns series of maps for Unreal Tournament, created originally by Patrick "PsychoP@t" Laferriere. It also includes some stuff inspired by CTF-Thorns2K4-CE, by John "-=}Wolverine{=-" Lowe.
  • The map is also the only playable map in OA which contains every single item in the game, excluding the Combat Armor and Grapple.
  • Like many of Neon_Knight's maps, the am_ at the beginning of the filename belongs to his old nickname, "Armageddon_Man".

Screenshots Edit

Links Edit

CTF-based maps

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