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Aggressive Tendencies
Kevin "Tyrann" Shanahan
Maik "SavageX" Merten
Spawnpoints 7
Gametypes Free For All
Last Man Standing
Music OA14
Appeared in 0.6.0

Map description Edit

The map can be divided into three areas: North, South and East.

The North area is composed by a set of stairs and a balcony. Below this ladder there's a Grenade Launcher. It has two connections with each other area, two U-shaped corners connecting it with the South area, and two passages, a short lower one, and a longer upper one, with the East area. This last passage holds a Lightning Gun right before the entrance to the East zone.

The South area is composed by three floors: the lower area, with a teleporter whose destination is the East area, a Plasma Gun and a Combat Armor; the middle area, with an atrium holding a Rocket Launcher; and the upper area, with the stairs going from the upper U-shaped corner to the Railgun atrium. There's also a small border connecting these stairs with a small atrium holding a Megahealth.

The East area has mainly two floors: the lower one, with a teleporter connecting this room with the South lower area, and a middle floor holding a Combat Armor.

Weapons and items Edit


Item location.

Weapons Edit

Weapon Amnt Ammo Where?
Machinegun 2 1x North Area, balcony; 1x South Area, near PG.
Shotgun 1 1 Weapon: 1x East Area, balcony.
Ammo: 1x Near LG.
Grenade Launcher 1 0 Weapon: 1x North Area, below stairs.
Rocket Launcher 1 2 Weapon: 1x South Area, atrium.
Ammo: 2x Near RL.
Lightning Gun 1 0 Weapon: 1x balcony between South and East areas.
Railgun 1 0 Weapon: 1x Upper floor between South and East areas.
Plasma Gun 1 2 Weapon: 1x South Area, lower floor.
Ammo: 1x North Area, balcony; 1x Near Railgun.

Items Edit

Item Amount Where?
+5 Health 4 4x Upper west corner.
+25 Health 4 1x Near GL in North Area.
1x Near LG.
1x East Area, lower floor.
1x South Area, stairs.
Megahealth 1 1x Small ledge, near Railgun.
Armor Shard 4 4x North area, before stairs.
Combat Armor 3 1x Below the stairs in the South area.
1x Beside Lightning Gun, between South and East areas.
1x East area, lower floor.
Health Armor Powerup Holdable Rune

Tactics and strategy Edit

  • Make smart use of the Rocket Launcher. There's plenty of room for rocketjumping.

Domination Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The map was created by Tyrann, then ported to Nexuiz by SavageX, and then ported to OA by leileilol.
  • This map is one of the most common maps among free software games. It's present on many other games such as Nexuiz.

Screenshots Edit

Links Edit

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