OpenArena 0.8.8 features the remarkable number of 51 "official" maps. If this is not enough... 14 extra "dummied out" maps are still accessible through the console.

This is a list of Official OpenArena maps, however you can find and install hundreds of extra maps, even third-party maps designed for Quake III Arena (some may use GPLv2 license, others not). Take a look to See also section below for some useful links.

List up to date with 0.8.8.

Official OpenArena maps are released under GPLv2 license.
Maps sources are availabe on OA SVN repository: -

0.8.8 maps Edit

The following maps have been created specifically for OpenArena and are included in OpenArena 0.8.8. (By way of 0.8.1, 0.8.5 patch or 0.8.8 patch)
This list is integrated only by those maps which are selectable via Skirmish and Create server menus (31 FFA-based maps, plus 27 CTF-based maps):

FFA-based maps
CTF-based maps

High quality screenshots of all the above maps are available here on the forum.

It is however possible to access some more maps by using the command console, typing /map <TAB key> (don't forget the space after "/map"): this will list also "dummied out" maps (in OA 0.8.8, there are 14 of such "hidden" maps).

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