In this page, we'll be covering the OA assets and what they do.

Package Texture Type Example of use
[unselectable] 04mwat1 Water
[unselectable] 04mwat2 Water
[unselectable] water Water
[unselectable] water0 Water
[unselectable] water1 Water
[unselectable] water2 Water
[unselectable] skyIsland Sky
[unselectable] space1_skybox Sky
acc_dm3 brwnwater Water
acc_dm3 fx_dm3sky Sky
acc_dm5 brwnwater Water
acc_dm5 fx_sky Sky
anoice1 anoice1 Sky
clown dark_sky Sky
common sky_space Sky
cosmo_liquids greenliqui Slime
cosmo_liquids icewater Deadly Water
cosmo_liquids plasma_red Lava
cosmo_sfx creepymist Fog
cosmo_sfx iceberg_fog Fog
cosmo_skies desertsky1 Sky
cosmo_skies foghull_or Fog
cosmo_skies killsky_r Sky
cosmo_skies tim_tourney2 Sky
cosmo_skies tim_tourney3 Sky
czest2ctf darkfog Fog
czest2ctf sundownsky Sky
filth fog Fog
fogs fog_orange Fog
fogs fogoff Fog
fogs fogyou Fog
ice coldwater Water
liquids acid Slime
liquids calm_poollight Water
liquids clear_calm1 Water
liquids clear_calm2 Water
liquids clear_ripple1 Water
liquids clear_ripple2 Water
liquids clear_ripple3 Water
liquids flatlavahell_1500 Lava
liquids hydrowater Water
liquids islewater Water
liquids justwater Water
liquids lavahell Lava
liquids lavahell_1000 Lava
liquids lavahell_2000 Lava
liquids lavahell_2500 Lava
liquids lavahell_2500_subd Lava
liquids lavahell_750 Lava
liquids lavahell_simple Lava
liquids lavahell_xdm1 Lava
liquids lavahell2 Lava
liquids lavahelldark Lava
liquids lavahellflat_400 Lava
liquids oldacid Slime
liquids proto_poolpass Slime
liquids rapidwater Water
liquids refwater Water
liquids slime1 Slime
liquids slime1_2000 Slime
liquids slime2 Slime
liquids slime3 Slime
liquids softlava Lava
liquids softwater Water
liquids tele Water/Teleport
liquids vorwater Water
liquids waveywater Water
liquids2 clear_calm1v Water
liquids2 clear_ripple1_q3dm1light Water
liquids2 clear_ripple1_q3dm1v Water
mc-oa-dm02 mc-oa-dm02 Sky
nki-shaders lavabright_1k5 Lava
nki-shaders lavared_1k5 Lava
nki-shaders tropicalsky Sky
nki-shaders tropicalwater Water
pulchr pul1duelsky Sky
pulchr_skies aa-sky-shader-01 Sky
savdm6ish #Teleport Water/Teleport
sfx constfog Fog
sfx fog_intel Fog
sfx fog_pjdm1 Fog
sfx fog_q3dm10 Fog
sfx fog_timctf1 Fog
sfx fog_timdm1 Fog
sfx fog_timdm2 Fog
sfx fog_timdm8 Fog
sfx hellfog Fog
sfx hellfog_1k Fog
sfx hellfog_dense Fog
sfx hellfog_mini_dm10 Fog
sfx hellfog_pj_dm10 Fog
sfx hellfog_tim_dm14 Fog
sfx kc_hellfog_1k Fog
sfx mkc_fog_ctfblue Fog
sfx mkc_fog_ctfblue2 Fog
sfx mkc_fog_ctfred Fog
sfx mkc_fog_tdm3 Fog
sfx proto_hellfog Fog
sfx q3dm9fog Fog
sfx q3dm14fog Fog
sfx q3tourney3fog Fog
sfx xblackfog Fog
sfx xbluefog Fog
sfx xdensegreyfog Fog
sfx xfinalfog Fog
sfx xlightgreyfog Fog
sfx xnotsodensegreyfog Fog
sfx xredfog Fog
sfx2 dist_fog Fog
sfx2 ouchfog Fog
skies earthsky01 Sky
skies hellsky Sky
skies hellsky2 Sky
skies hellsky2bright Sky
skies industrysky Sky
skies killsky Sky
skies mkc_ctf1 Sky
skies moons1 Sky
skies moonsky Sky
skies nightsky_xian_dm1 Sky
skies nitesky Sky
skies pj_arena4_sky Sky
skies pj_ctf2_sky Sky
skies pj_dm9sky Sky
skies pj_dm10sky Sky
skies pjbasesky_arena1_sky Sky
skies q3dm0 Sky
skies skybox Sky
skies terrain1 Sky
skies tim_dm3_red Sky
skies tim_dm14_red Sky
skies tim_hell Sky
skies tim_km2 Sky
skies tim_tourney1 Sky
skies tim_tourney2 Sky
skies toxicskydim Sky
skies toxicskytim_blue Sky
skies toxicskytim_dm2 Sky
skies toxicskytim_dm5 Sky
skies toxicskytim_dm7 Sky
skies toxicskytim_dm8 Sky
skies toxicskytim_dm9 Sky
skies xmkc_ctf5sky Sky
skies xproto_sky_tourney2 Sky
skies xtoxicsky_dm9 Sky
skies xtoxicsky_q3ctf3 Sky
skies xtoxicsky_q3dm5 Sky
skies xtoxicsky_tourney Sky
skies2 ctf6sky Sky
skies2 ctf6sky_ter Sky
skies2 nebula Sky
skies2 nebula2 Sky
skies2 nebula3 Sky
skies2 nebula3halflit Sky
skies2 nebula3nolit Sky
skies2 nebulax Sky
skies2 x_nebula3 Sky
suction sky Sky
trak2 bigorbit Sky

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