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Rising water Edit

Here's the process for a rising water effect, for example a room being flooded.[1]

  • Make a func_door which will be your liquid and texture it with a water, slime, or lava texture.
  • Place the func_door where you want it to be after it has moved and set the "starts open" and "crusher" spawnflags.
  • Set the lip key of the door to the distance you want the water to rise, but make it negative (eg -128). This tells the engine to move the water 128 units down into its 'open' position where it will start (because we set the "starts open" spawnflag).
  • Set the angle key to -2 so the door will move down into its 'open' position.
  • Target the func_door with another entity such as a func_button or trigger_multiple which will cause it to rise.

Notes Edit

  1. Cardigan's pre-mapping bits

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