Here there be the ideas for a tutorial map, or set of these. Demos and videos might help, but this section deals with mapping as the preferred method because of interactivity and letting the player to figure out how to do things. Note that we don't want to elitize (as in, making the game in a way such that only experts can enjoy it) the game, so advanced jumping tutorials should be optional.

Tutorial ideas Edit

  • Four maps, each with a 1on1 fight at the end, with tutorials about:
    • Basic level (for those who never touched a FPS game; how to move, how to shoot.)
    • Medium level (for those who come from other kind of FPS; basic weapons, some semi-advanced moves such as strafe jump? and some tips)
    • Advanced level (for players who played Quake-like FPS in the past; advanced moves such as circle jump or jumps with weapons; and other tips)
    • Expert level
  • A Quake 1 Hub-like idea, with three roads to take: Basics, Advanced, Fight!

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