Legend Edit

  • Green row means that the map plays good and well, with no missing assets. Yellow row means that the map has no missing assets, but there's something blocking it from reaching 100% compatibility. Red row means there are no download links for that map.
  • M.T. stands for Missing Textures or Shaders. "M" means "Many textures missing" (which may cause the map to be ugly or barely playable), and "F" means "Few textures missing" (which are just a minor annoyance which does not ruin the map too much). A dot stands for "none".
  • M.S. stands for Missing Sounds. A dot stands for "none".
  • Gametype are the standard OA gametypes it supports (Gametype freeforall FFA, Gametype teamdeathmatch Team Deathmatch, Gametype tournament Tournament, Gametype capturetheflag Capture The Flag, Gametype oneflagctf One Flag CTF, Gametype harvester Harvester and Gametype overload Overload). Any other supported gametypes must go in the "Notes" field.
  • Notes field can be used for example to point out missing .arena or .aas files, or the presence in the package of stuff (textures, shaders, sounds, etc.) which may override existing assets from OA. Really major problems, such as overriding OA main arenas.txt file, may be pointed out using bold.
  • Version refers to the OpenArena version used for testing.[1]
  • Empty fields mean that they have not been tested yet.
  • Useful infos about how to consider/manage the stuff in this page are listed in the Map compatibility page.
  • For infos about the usage of the templates which compose the table, you can refer to Template:UnofficialMapsDoc.
  • If you want to test maps, it is recommended to set a different folder (i.e. OpenArena/compatibility) and then download the Compatibility Test Dummy File, which prevents certain confusing messages to appear in the screen at all. Once that's set you can throw your Q3 maps and test them.

Map List Edit

Map Mapname MT? MS? Other notes Version
q3_via_arena Q3 VIA Arena M . Contains some assets already included in OA. May cause override. Similar to via_arena, but with some differences (this one is more extended). 0.8.8
q3arc1 Lune-Base F . . 0.8.8
q3chaosdm3 Psychophobia . . . 0.8.8
q3ctfp3 The First Step F Y . 0.8.8
q3ctfp13 High Speed Graffiti F Y . 0.8.8
q3dade4 Missing Scene - Hate . . Textures missing from the map itself, not from OA. 0.8.8
q3dade12 Kill You . . . 0.8.8
q3dead1 The Dead Simple M . Contains a file which overwrites a vital OA file, making OA's official maps unplayable via menu. 0.8.8
q3diffdm1 Black Celebration F Y . 0.8.8
q3diffdm2 Enjoy the Silence . . Contains some assets already included in OA. May cause override. 0.8.8
q3dmp4 Sublevel 27 F . Contains some assets already included in OA. May cause override. 0.8.8
q3dmp9 Sublevel Tokay F . Contains some assets already included in OA. May cause override. 0.8.8
q3dmp11 Tech Edge F Y . 0.8.8
q3dmp14 Null And Void F Y . 0.8.8
q3dmp23 Undergod M Y . 0.8.8
q3dmp29 Jackal
q3dm1_ctf Evil Ground CTF M . . 0.8.8
q3dm17_ctf The Long Yard CTF M Y . 0.8.8
q3hexdm3 Blue . Y . 0.8.8
q3jdm9a q3jdm9a . . Contains some assets already included in OA. May cause override. 0.8.8
q3map_forttown FortTown
q3map_unholysanctuary_v1d Unholy Sanctuary
q3nbtourney1 Vengeance Verticale M Y . 0.8.8
q3oetoe q3Oetoe M . . 0.8.8
q3peer q3Peer M . . 0.8.8
q3poog Place of Odd M . No botplay. 0.8.8
q3rev Revelation M Y . 0.8.8
q3shw6 Szko3a M . . 0.8.8
q3shw12 Pora umieraæ (Time to die) M Y . 0.8.8
q3shw14 Memento Mori M Y Contains some assets already included in OA. May cause override. 0.8.8
q3shw15 Wysokie napiêcie II F Y . 0.8.8
q3shw16 Dotyk mierci F . . 0.8.8
q3shw17 Empty Words F . . 0.8.8
q3shw18 Holy Blood M Y . 0.8.8
q3shw19 Time to Die . . . 0.8.8
q3shw20 Annihilation F . . 0.8.8
q3shw21 Destroyer F . . 0.8.8
q3shw22 Simple Brushes F . . 0.8.8
q3shw23 Hipertrofia F . . 0.8.8
q3shw24 The Dreadful Place F Y . 0.8.8
q3shw25 Rotten Soul F Y . 0.8.8
q3shw26 Battlegrounds F Y . 0.8.8
q3shw27 Sanctum F Y . 0.8.8
q3sod5 Sod Style
q3sy17 Shipyard 17
q3tbdm1 Airborne
q3tbdm2 Event Horizon
q3tbdm3 Pit And The Pendulum
q3tbdm4 Lost Forever
q3tbds1 Dead Simple
q3tbds2 Deep Space
q3w1 Bloodlust - 3W M Y . 0.8.8
q3w2 Courtyard Conundrum - 3W M Y . 0.8.8
q3w3 Finnegan's Revenge - 3W M Y . 0.8.8
q3w4 Bitter Dungeons - 3W M Y . 0.8.8
q3w5 Gospel Crossings - 3W M Y . 0.8.8
q3w6 Black Sky Mining Company - 3W F . . 0.8.8
q3w7 City Crossing - 3W
q3w8 Denali Base - 3W
q3wc1 Bletney's return - 3W M Y . 0.8.8
q3wc2 Desert Cemetery - 3W F Y . 0.8.8
q3wc3 Heat - 3W M Y . 0.8.8
q3wc4 The Dead Zone - 3W M Y . 0.8.8
q3wc5 Showdown - 3W F Y . 0.8.8
q3wc6 Twisted base - 3W M . . 0.8.8
q3wc7 Wizard's Manse - 3W M Y . 0.8.8
q3wc8 Ultimatium - 3W M Y . 0.8.8
q3wcp1 Japanese Castles - 3W F . . 0.8.8
q3wcp2 Cold Crossings - 3W
q3wcp3 Hot Crossings - 3W
q3wcp4 Schadenfreude - 3W
q3wcp5 ShiNNing Forces - 3W
q3wcp6 Devolved CTF - 3W
q3wcp7 Dynatron - 3W
q3wcp8 Harsh Grounds - 3W
q3wcp9 Spider Crossings - 3W M . . 0.8.8
q3wcp10 Crude Crossings - 3W M Y . 0.8.8
q3wcp11 Industrial Accidents - 3W M Y . 0.8.8
q3wcp12 Mostly Harmless - 3W M . . 0.8.8
q3wcp13 Funk Dat! - 3W M . . 0.8.8
q3wcp14 Camper Crossings - 3W M . . 0.8.8
q3wcp15 Industrial Revolution - 3W F Y . 0.8.8
q3wcp16 Coral CTF - 3W F . . 0.8.8
q3wcp17 Divided Crossings - 3W
q3wcp18 Future Crossings - 3W
q3wcp19 Lunar Crossings - 3W
q3wcp20 Vampire Crossings - 3W
q3wcp21 La Bastille - 3W
q3wcp22 Des Hertogens Hove - 3W
q3wcp23 The Vast and Furious - 3W
q3wcp24 Newcropolis - 3W
q3wctf1 Bloodlust M Y . 0.8.8
q3wctf2 Courtyard Conundrum M . . 0.8.8
q3wctf3 Finnegan's Revenge M . . 0.8.8
q3work1 Pitbull M . . 0.8.8
q3wxs1 Silly Railings - 3W
q3wxs2 Silly Shootings - 3W M . . 0.8.8
q3wxs3 Silly CTF - 3W
q3zacharias Zacharias Q3 Version
qbeast Qbeast . . . 0.8.8
qbee Qbee F . . 0.8.8
qdolphin Qdolphin F . . 0.8.8
qfraggel1 The Kristall Keep
qfraggel2a Last Fortress
qfraggel3 Swiss Cheese Trickster
qsc_town Krichevo Town
quake3stuff Quake3Stuff
quimera Quimera
quintdm3 The Wisdom Machine . . . 0.8.8
qxctf1_q3 Speed Metal Q3
qxctf1_ta Speed Metal (TA)
qxdm1 Lots O' Frags
qxdm2 Broken Silence
qxdm3 Station 52
qxdm4_v2 Grindill 2.0
qxtourney1 Gothic rage
qxtourney2 Dead Cells
rd3ctfq3 WaterFear
rdogdm1 Zero Tolerance
rdogdm2-v1.1 Shakedown
rdogdm4 Epoch
redmeat REDMEAT . . . 0.8.8
reqbath Deathroom Bathroom
reqkitchen Nu Clear Lunch Time
rjlctf2 Concrete Void
rockets-please Rockets Please
rota3dm2 KARIN
runtfest2 Runtfest
s20ctf1 Two Halves
sainttourney1 Saint Tourney 1
sainttourney2 Rust in Peace
sainttourney3 Bricks, Rock 'n Stuff
sainttourney4 Disposed
s20dm4 Undeniable Oppression
scorpion Scorpion
scorpiontourney Scorpion (Tourney remix)
sedistic sedistic M Y . 0.8.0
senndm1 Agony & Ecstasy
senndm2 Falling Higher
shad3dm2 Deep Freeze
shibam Shibam
shortcircuit Short Circuit
simetrik Si'Metrik
simple-dm7 Ancient Hall
simpsons Springfield by Maggu
sin Sinister Purpose
skeet Skeet
sleep Troubled Sleep - Winter Edition
sokar3d Dimension of the Doomed
sokar3dm5 Ice Storm
solitude Solitude
sorrow The New Sorrow
sparth Sparth
speedyctf Speedy CTF
spirit3ctfduel1 Where Fears Collide Already present in OA as oa_spirit3. Kept here for archive reasons.
sr3dm11 DeadStrong
stchdm2 The State Is Not Your Friend
storm3dm2 Beneath The Remains
storm3tourney1 GLooM
storm3tourney2 Nuclear Wasteland
storm3tourney4 The Platform
storm3tourney5 Cajun Hell
storm3tourney6 Halls of the Damned
storm3tourney8 Devilish
storm3tourney9 Arctica
straledm5 Shake Your Body
stralegeo1v2 Janus
summer Sommergewitter
sy3dm1 Far and Away
t8dm5 Kihaku (Intensity)
t8dm6 Mindfields
tabd2map01 Return To The Entryway
takkie3dm1 Bebels Kwab Kamp
tanq3a_dm1 Crescents
TeamTemple_q3a Egypt Team Temple
teddm1 Deep Inside
teddm2 Bullet Ride (2)
templatic Templatic
tfzse1 Avengeance
thebigbox Quakarium's TheBigBox
thepit The Pit
tig_den Tig's Den
tig_mouldy Mouldy Old Bastard
tig_one One Down
tig_out Out On A Limb
tig_qubert Tigger-oN Goes Q*bert
tpalace Twisted Palace
trajectory Trajectory
trespass Trespass
tsu-eround tsu-eround

References Edit

  1. OpenArena installation used for testing should be vanilla (in both homepath -config/autodownload folder- and basepath -installation folder-), with only those .pk3 files contained in "stock" OA, plus the map you are testing in that exact moment, of course. Especially, it must not contain third-party "q3a2oa compatibilty packs".
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