Legend Edit

  • Green row means that the map plays good and well, with no missing assets. Yellow row means that the map has no missing assets, but there's something blocking it from reaching 100% compatibility. Red row means there are no download links for that map.
  • M.T. stands for Missing Textures or Shaders. "M" means "Many textures missing" (which may cause the map to be ugly or barely playable), and "F" means "Few textures missing" (which are just a minor annoyance which does not ruin the map too much). A dot stands for "none".
  • M.S. stands for Missing Sounds. A dot stands for "none".
  • Gametype are the standard OA gametypes it supports (Gametype freeforall FFA, Gametype teamdeathmatch Team Deathmatch, Gametype tournament Tournament, Gametype capturetheflag Capture The Flag, Gametype oneflagctf One Flag CTF, Gametype harvester Harvester and Gametype overload Overload). Any other supported gametypes must go in the "Notes" field.
  • Notes field can be used for example to point out missing .arena or .aas files, or the presence in the package of stuff (textures, shaders, sounds, etc.) which may override existing assets from OA. Really major problems, such as overriding OA main arenas.txt file, may be pointed out using bold.
  • Version refers to the OpenArena version used for testing.[1]
  • Empty fields mean that they have not been tested yet.
  • Useful infos about how to consider/manage the stuff in this page are listed in the Map compatibility page.
  • For infos about the usage of the templates which compose the table, you can refer to Template:UnofficialMapsDoc.
  • If you want to test maps, it is recommended to set a different folder (i.e. OpenArena/compatibility) and then download the Compatibility Test Dummy File, which prevents certain confusing messages to appear in the screen at all. Once that's set you can throw your Q3 maps and test them.

Map List Edit

Map Mapname MT? MS? Other notes Version
e1m2red E1M2: Deva Plant M . . 0.8.8
eg_ctf1 Evil Gemini CTF M Y . 0.8.8
eggdm1 Short Fused M . . 0.8.8
ek3dm1 The Abandoned Post F Y . 0.8.8
el3dm1 Evilspace F . Contains some assets already included in OA. May cause override. 0.8.8
el3t3 The Summoning M . . 0.8.8
el3t4 Pillamyd . . . 0.8.8
ep_survival Survival F . EntityPlus map. 0.8.8
ermap4 House of Dissent M . . 0.8.8
estatica Estatica . . . 0.8.8
exp12 Ode to Tokay F . . 0.8.8
f8sctf1 A Twist Of Fate M . . 0.8.8
f8sctf2 Ballistic Complex M . . 0.8.8
f8sctf3 Dueling Fate's M . . 0.8.8
f8sctf4 Halls Of Fate M Y . 0.8.8
facer2d Facing Worlds by Bauul . . A few missing assets and a few glitchtes are from the map itself, not from OA. 0.8.8
ffdm2 Patibuh's Lair M . . 0.8.8
fff fff F . . 0.8.8
fjo3tourney2 Everything Else Is Green F . Contains vital assets which may override those in OA. 0.8.8
focal_p132 Focal Point . . . 0.8.8
fr3dm1 Iron Yard F . . 0.8.8
freefall Freefall M . . 0.8.8
gaeldm1 Ascension . . . 0.8.8
geit3ctf1 Castle CTF F Y . 0.8.8
geit3ctf2 Des Hertogens Hove F Y . 0.8.8
geit3dm1 Slingshot F Y Comes with a texture pack separated from the main pack. With it, only two textures are missing. 0.8.8
geit3dm2 It's Blue And It Smells Funny F . Contains some assets already included in OA. May cause override. 0.8.8
geit3dm3 And When Death Descends... F Y . 0.8.8
geit3dm4 Simplicity . Y . 0.8.8
geit3dm5 Alien World F . . 0.8.8
geit3dm6 Black Shining Leather F . . 0.8.8
geit3dm8 Industrial Skin And Bones F . 0.8.8
geo-core The Geo-Core . Y . 0.8.8
geo2_ad5 Don't shoot your eye out! F . . 0.8.8
gibtech GiBTech . . . 0.8.8
gm3tourney1 Until The Next Life F . . 0.8.8
gm3tourney2 Dead Souls F Y . 0.8.8
gobl_tourney1 Carved Grounds F Y . 0.8.8
gon The Guns of Navarone F . . 0.8.8
gon2 Back to Navarone F . . 0.8.8
gregyptctf1 gregyptctf1 F . . 0.8.8
gregyptctf1-g gregyptctf1-g F . . 0.8.8
gs3dm1 Recursive Shutdown F . . 0.8.8
gs3dm2 Nervous Meltdown M Y . 0.8.8
gs3dm3 Boiling Mercury F . . 0.8.8
gs3dm4 Entertain Us F . . 0.8.8
gs3dm5 Tatatu F . . 0.8.8
gtctf4te gtctf4te F . Contains assets already included in OA. May cause override. 0.8.8
guile09dm2 The Shield Generator F Y Contains assets already included in OA. May cause override. 0.8.8
halctf1 Forgotten Mines M . Can't be selected via menu. 0.8.8
halctf2 Castles Arrghh M . Can't be selected via menu. 0.8.8
halctf2b Castles Arrghh M . Can't be selected via menu. 0.8.8
halctf4b An Iteration Of Hell M . . 0.8.8
hal_palindrome Palindrome . . Contains some assets already included in OA. May cause override. 0.8.8
halq3ctf7 (a.k.a. q3wcp12) Mostly Harmless M . . 0.8.8
halq3ctf10_v2 Revenge of the Vortex F Y 0.8.8
haltactf7 (a.k.a. q3wcp12) Mostly Harmless (TA) M . . 0.8.8
haltactf8 Clavious M Y No botplay. 0.8.8
haltactf10_v2 Revenge of the Vortex F Y . 0.8.8
halterra1 Chill Factor M Y No botplay. 0.8.8
HandsOfGod Hands of God . . . 0.8.8
hgc HONG Grand Central F . . 0.8.8
hibernia Platform M26, Hibernia, North Atlantic F Y . 0.8.8
hindustry Heavy Industry . Y . 0.8.8
hobotourney1 Satan's CountryClub M . . 0.8.8
hongx Hong Exploder F Y . 0.8.8
hotdog2 HotDog2 M . Contains files which overwrite vital OA files. May cause problems. 0.8.8
hub3aeroq3 Aerowalk F . . 0.8.8
hub3aeroq3a Aerowalk [Hubster's Remix II] F . . 0.8.8
hub3dm1 Dismemberment M . . 0.8.8
hyper_atmospace Hyper In The Space . . Defrag-oriented map. No botplay. No .arena file. 0.8.8
hyperblast-q3 Hyperblast for Q3 M . Contains assets already present in OA. May cause override. 0.8.8

References Edit

  1. OpenArena installation used for testing should be vanilla (in both homepath -config/autodownload folder- and basepath -installation folder-), with only those .pk3 files contained in "stock" OA, plus the map you are testing in that exact moment, of course. Especially, it must not contain third-party "q3a2oa compatibilty packs".
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