Legend Edit

  • Green row means that the map plays good and well, with no missing assets. Yellow row means that the map has no missing assets, but there's something blocking it from reaching 100% compatibility.
  • MT stands for Missing Textures or Shaders (M = many, F = few, . = none).[1]
  • MS stands for Missing Sounds (Y = yes, . = none).
  • Other notes field can be used for example to point out missing .arena or .aas files, or the presence in the package of stuff (textures, shaders, sounds, etc.) which may override existing assets from OA. Really major problems, such as overriding OA main arenas.txt file, may be pointed out using bold.
  • Version refers to the OpenArena version used for testing.[2]
  • Empty fields mean that they have not been tested yet.
  • Useful infos about how to consider/manage the stuff in this page are listed in the Map compatibility page.

Map List Edit

Map Mapname MT? MS? Other notes Version
0ups_beta2a Team [0ups] Tricking Arena F . Defrag-oriented map. No botplay. The map has also some missing assets of its own. 0.8.8
13agony Agony M Y . 0.8.8
13base Hangar Base F Y . 0.8.8
13black_se The Black Realm - Special Edition F . 0.8.8
13camp The Campgrounds II CTF M Y . 0.8.8
13circle Circle of Death F Y . 0.8.8
13cube Hypercube F Y . 0.8.8
13dawn Gothic Dawn M Y . 0.8.8
13death The Place Of Many Deaths CTF M Y . 0.8.8
13dream Dreamscape M Y . 0.8.8
13dyna Dynablast F . No botplay. 0.8.8
13edge Claustrophobic Edge F Y . 0.8.8
13gate Arena Gate CTF M . . 0.8.8
13gate_xt Arena Gate CTF - Extended M . . 0.8.8
13ground The Proving Grounds CTF M Y . 0.8.8
13ground_xt The Proving Grounds CTF - Extended M Y . 0.8.8
13hive Iron Hive F Y . 0.8.8
13island Stoneface Islands F . . 0.8.8
13octo Octagonal Overdose F Y . 0.8.8
13out Outpost 20-B F Y . 0.8.8
13place The Place Of Two Deaths F Y . 0.8.8
13plant Incineration Plant M Y . 0.8.8
13simple Simple Death F Y . 0.8.8
13sky Dead Sun Skies F Y . 0.8.8
13star Starforce F Y . 0.8.8
13stone Floating Stonefaces . . . 0.8.8
13tomb Ziggurat Tomb F Y . 0.8.8
13vast The Vast and the Furious 13TH Remix . . Contains some assets already included in OA. May cause override. 0.8.8
13void Dark Void F . . 0.8.8
13void_xt Dark Void - Extended F . . 0.8.8
13yard The Lost Yard F Y . 0.8.8
16+ Bouncy Bouncy M . . 0.8.8
16++ Bounce Bounce Bang! M . . 0.8.8
17+ctf The Even Longer Yard M . Can't be selected via menu. 0.8.8
2myhousenew 2myhouse F . Contains files which overwrite vital OA files. May cause problems. 0.8.8
69pickup1 Coitus Interruptus F . . 0.8.8
69tourney1 Let's Do The 69! F . . 0.8.8
6++ The Gayass Campgrounds M . 0.8.8
79drdm5_beta2 79DRDM5 . . . 0.8.8
79drgc2 Concrete Salvation . Y . 0.8.8

References Edit

  1. Difference between "many" and "few" refers more to how much those missing textures are used/shown in the map, than to the exact number of missing image files (example: if there is only one texture file missing, but it is used on all the surface of half walls of the map, the line should be marked with "M").
  2. OpenArena installation used for testing should be vanilla (in both homepath -config/autodownload folder- and basepath -installation folder-), with only those .pk3 files contained in "stock" OA, plus the map you are testing in that exact moment, of course. Especially, it must not contain third-party "q3a2oa compatibilty packs".
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