Additional notes for the in-game menu.

Console commands Edit

  • /team <parameter> allows you to join the game in the same way as the Start option.
  • /addbot <various parameters> is another way to spawn bots in the game.
  • /kick <botname>, likewise, is another way to remove bots.
  • /callvote <parameters> is the console command to call a vote. The call-voting menu was implemented in 0.8.5, but the command-line command to start voting exists since the original Q3A.
    • /vote yes and /vote no can be typed in command console (while a voting is going) to express your vote. Usually, F1 and F2 keyboard shortcuts are used for them.
  • /g_dowarmup, if enabled, gives the players some warmup time before the proper match starts.

Other notes Edit

  • This menu may have some differencies depending from the mod in use. Some entries can be available or unavailable depending from the fact you are just a player or the server host, or depending from the current game type or server settings.
  • Q3 bots were designed to understand and follow some commands (bot commands). This is also true for OA.

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