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FPS Words to knowEdit

  • afk - Away From Keyboard, self-explanatory
  • brb - Be Right Back, this is how you tell someone you'll be returning shortly.
  • g2g/gtg - Got To Go, this is a polite way to let someone know that you are leaving.
  • gg - Abbreviation for Good Game.saw that it was not on YouTube, so I had to put it on because it is so awesome! I did fi
  • lol - Laughing Out Loud, when someone has said something funny
  • n00b, newb, or newbie - Someone new or inexperienced at playing the game.
  • n1 - Nice One, referring to a well placed shot.
  • ns - Nice shot.
  • rofl(mao) - Rolling On the Floor Laughing (My Ass Off).
  • w8 - Wait, asking another player to pause his/her action for a moment.

Words related to FPSEdit

  • Chatfrag - Often this is not well received among players. A chatfrag occurs when player A has halted his actions in-game and is typing a message and Player B deliberately shoots Player A for easy winnings.
  • Clan - A group of online gamers who fight together regularily.
  • Frag - The term used when you kill an opposing player.
  • Lag - When a poor network connection occurs and the player experiences sluggish game-play.
  • Spawn - Respawn, the point where the player will re-emerge after having been slain. Also applicable to items (weapons, power-ups)...
  • Wiki - A collaborative website comprised of the collective work of many authors.

Weapons abbreviations (look also : Weapons manual)Edit

  • G - Gauntlet
  • MG - MachineGun
  • SG - ShotGun
  • GL - Grenade Launcher
  • RL - Rocket Launcher
  • LG - Lightning Gun
  • RG - Rail Gun
  • PG - Plasma Gun
  • BFG - Big F****** Gun
  • NG - NailGun
  • CG - Chaingun
  • Prox - Proximity Mines

Items abbreviations (look also : Items manual)Edit

  • RA - Red Armour
  • YA - Yellow Armour
  • MH/Mega - Mega Health/100 Health poweup

Gametypes abbreviations (look also : Gamemodes manual)Edit

  • CA - Clan Arena
  • CTF - Capture the Flag
  • DM - DeathMatch (same as FFA)
  • FFA - Free For All, also referred to as DM (Death Match)
  • TDM - Team DeathMatch
  • TN - Timenudge

Techniques abbreviations (look also : Tehniques manual)Edit

  • CJ - Circle jump
  • CSJ - Circle Strafe Jump
  • OB - OverBounce
  • PJ - Plasma Jump
  • RJ - Rocket Jump
  • SJ - Strafe Jump

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