This page will show you ways on how to get OpenArena working with older systems. Because it can and there's no real reason why it shouldn't.

Operating Systems Edit

Windows 95 Edit

Nothing works at the moment. Sorry!

Windows 98SE / Me Edit

Download KernelEx.

Set openarena.x86.exe to use Default Compatibility in the KernelEx tab.

It should start!

Windows NT4 Edit


Windows 2000 Edit


Vintage 3D Cards Edit

Some pre-GL compliance hardware require special setup before play.

3dfx Voodoo Graphics Edit

Do NOT copy the 3dfxogl.dll from Windows\System. The ICD is poor and will corrupt texture coordinates.

You can install WickedGL and MesaFX for OpenArena. It'll work.

Vertex lighting is recommended because as is no multitexturing available for this 3d card.

3dfx Voodoo2 Edit

Copy 3dfxvgl.dll from Windows\System\ to the OpenArena folder. Rename it to OpenGL32.dll

Alternatively you may install WickedGL or MesaFX in the OpenArena folder, providing that you rename it to OpenGL32.dll.

Special configuration beyond is not necessary.

For better performance you may try r_textureBits 8 (OA3 only).

Matrox Mystique Edit


nVidia Geforce series Edit

While OpenGL compliant and all, a large amount of early Geforce series hardware sometimes cannot start OpenArena as-is due to a SDL backend bug and requires the output to be set to windib.


PowerVR Series 1 Edit


OpenArena 0.8.8 running on a NEC PowerVR PCX-2 Chipset

The PowerVR Extreme MiniGL will not work with this game properly, so you'll have to use Techland's SGL MiniGL driver.

Download the Crime Cities Demo.

Take the OpenGL32.dll from the drivers/tcpvr/ directory and place into the OpenArena directory.

You may want to enable /r_parseStageSimple 1 (OA3 only) to reprocess the shader effects to look properly for this video card.

Vertex lighting is recommended because as is no multitexturing available for this 3d card.

Rendition Edit


S3 ViRGE Edit

Same instructions as PowerVR PCX-2, but take the opengl32.dll from the drivers/tcs3d/ directory instead.

There WILL be graphic corruption and slowness. Try to play in 320x240.

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