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This is a list of models and sprites used in Haktoria. If it's bold, it's done. By someone. It will be noted.

Player Classes Edit

Paladin Edit

A big brute guy with some armor on. Slash, rips and tears. Despite the name he's not really all that super holy.

Character Edit

Weapons Edit

axblade.mdl - Projectile: Spinning axe blade

axe.mdl - Viewmodel: Throwing axe. Doesn't have to be an axe, it could be a double-bladed chakram thing

axtail.mdl - Effect: Trail of axe blade projectile

blast.mdl - Blast sphere for the STUPIDLY POWERFUL glyph explosion

gauntlet.mdl - Viewmodel: Fists

Crusader Edit

This guy plays does by the book. The medium all-around between paladin and necromancer

Character Edit

Weapons Edit

Necromancer Edit

This guy wears a robe overall, you can't see his face but his eyes glow. Likes magic stuffs.

Character Edit

h_nec.mdl - Decapitated head of necromancer

necro.mdl - Playermodel: Necromancer

soulball.mdl - A sphere (glow ball effect for floating skull)

soulskul.mdl - Floating skull (for soul sapping ability)

Weapons Edit

bonefx.mdl - Effect: O smoke trail for bone shard

bonelump.mdl - Projectile: A bunch of bones and shards (Poweredup Bone Shard)

boneshrd.mdl - Projectile: a flying bone (Bone Shard)

boneshot.mdl - Projectile: a small bone fragment (Bone Shard)

handfx.mdl - Effect: Magic Missile effect coming from the 'hand'

mm_expld.spr - Magic Missile impact explosion sprite animation (17 frames)

ravproj.mdl - Projectile: A flying raven (Doesn't have to be a raven)

sickle.mdl - Viewmodel: Weapon 1 (A sickle)

spllbook.mdl - Viewmodel: Spell Book (Weapon 2 and 3)

star.mdl - Projectile: Magic Missile (Weapon 2)

ravenstf.mdl - Viewmodel: Weapon 4 (Ravenstaff)

w_l2_c3.mdl - Pickup: Magic Missile

w_l3_c3.mdl - Pickup: Bone Shard

w_l41_c3.mdl - Pickup: Ravenstaff Piece 1

w_l42_c3.mdl - Pickup: Ravenstaff Piece 2

Assassin Edit

This woman is about stealth, bounties, and tight leather.

Character Edit

assassin.mdl - Playermodel: The Assassin.

h_ass.mdl - Her head decapitated

Weapons Edit

v_assgr.mdl - Viewmodel: Grenade (with hand)

arrow.mdl - Projectile: Crossbow Arrow

arrowhit.mdl - Effect: Spinning plane of arrow impact wallop spark

assgren.mdl - Projectile: thrown grenade from assassin

crossbow.mdl - Viewmodel: Crossbow, shoots arrows!!!

glyphwir.mdl - Tripwire for her tripwire bomb glyph

Succubus Edit

Straight from the underworld, she makes a living off of ........... *ahem* ...... but her business is threatened so she has to fight too

Character Edit

Weapons Edit

Monsters Edit

Hub 1 Edit

akarrow.mdl - Projectile: Arrow from Archer Knight

archer.mdl - Monster: Knight Archer. He shoots arrows. Nothing else.

archerhd.mdl - Decapitated head of archer. Destructable.

imp.mdl - Monster: Imp. Demonic winged little bugger

Hub 2 Edit

Hub 3 Edit

Hub 4 Edit

Hub 5 Edit

Decorations Edit

flame1.mdl - A flame that's a fire and a flame.

flame2.mdl - A flame that's a fire and a flame.

flame.mdl - ... what the hell is a Quake torch doing here?

Hub 1 - "Village" Edit

anglstat.mdl - Stone Angel statue, destructable. (Doesn't have to be an angel, Herexen never had any of those)

bellring.mdl - A big bell that rings.

bookclos.mdl - This is a closed book

bookopen.mdl - This is an opened book

bush1.mdl - G.W. Bush

cart.mdl - A wooden cart for pulling crap from one house to another, it is movable and destructable

cauldron.mdl - Cauldron of some sort, smoke comes out of this one. Destructable.

cflmtrch.mdl - Animated flaming metal torch with fire in it.

chair.mdl - This is a wooden chair.

chest1.mdl - This is a treasure chest, probably has hair in it

corps2.mdl - A dead basic man, face up. Stupid o<-< pose. Many skins. Has all limbs. Destructable.

flag.mdl - Flag, that waves. WAVES.

Hub 2 - "Mesozoic" Edit

Hub 3 - "Egypt" Edit

Hub 4 - "Romeric" Edit

athena.mdl - A topless marble woman. Destructable.

caesar.mdl - A well-armored marble jerk. Destructable.

lion.mdl - GET IN THE CAR ITS A MARBLE LION. Destructable.

mars.mdl - A naked marble man with a sword. Has genitalia. Destructable.

Hub 5 - "Castle" Edit

king.mdl - A stone statue of a really big and awesome looking king. Destructable.

Items Edit

bag.mdl - A pack of dropped items from a dead player.

Artifacts Edit

a_blast.mdl - Disc of Repulsion

a_cube.mdl - The floaty cube that floats around you and shoots things because you're lazy.

a_glyph.mdl - Glyph of the ancients, it's sort of like hexen's flechette but annoyingly explosively powerful.

a_haste.mdl - Boots with wings on them, they make you run really fast

a_hboost.mdl - Quartz flask, you drink this for health when you want to

a_invinc.mdl - Icon of invincibility, it makes you invincible, it's stupid don't put this in maps it's a game breaker.

a_invis.mdl - This item makes you invisible

a_mboost.mdl - This boosts up your mana to the fullest

a_poly.mdl - Polymorph, turns enemies into little wilderbeest

a_shbost.mdl - Mystic Urn, it's a lazy recovery crap item that gives you a second life after you die.

a_summon.mdl - This item summons HUGE IMPS

a_telprt.mdl - This item teleports you when you just want to GET OUTTA THERE

a_tome.mdl - This item powers up your weapons like they're over 9000.

a_torch.mdl - Lights up around you. Useful if you suck at seeing in the dark.

cube.mdl - The annoying cube in use.

glyph.mdl - I hate this item. It does wacky things. A unique function for each class

Puzzles Edit

who cares

To be identified / Really Low Priority Edit

balbolt.mdl - Ballista bolt, shot from a enemy or player controlled ballista

ballista.mdl - Controllable Ballista!! The most retarded addition to the series.

ball.mdl - Effect: A blue starry plane of some sort.

barrel.mdl - A barrel. It either has nothing, contains stuff or explodes. A creative block's best friend.

booberry.mdl - some ghosty

brains.mdl - A plane gib splat of brains. This happens when a golem smacks your face against a wall. It's cool.

cattest.mdl - CATAPULT!!! Flings stuff including players. The most greatest addition to the series.

clshard1.mdl - a shard of some crap

clshard2.mdl - a shard of some crap

clshard3.mdl - a shard of some crap

clshard4.mdl - a shard of some crap

clthchk1.mdl - gib chunk of cloth

clthchk2.mdl - gib chunk of cloth

clthchk3.mdl - gib chunk of cloth

drgnball.mdl - A DRAGON BALL well it's a fireball

dthball.mdl - item_deathball? Well it's some sort of black lava ball, probably from crusader meteor thing

fireball.mdl - imp fireball

flaming.mdl - Projectile: Flaming arrow.

flesh1.mdl - fleshy gib!

flesh2.mdl - fleshy gib!

flesh3.mdl - fleshy gib!

hay1.mdl - hay it's hay

hay2.mdl - hay it's hay

hay3.mdl - hay it's hay

gemlight.mdl - a gem of light

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