Items Edit

Technical specification

  • Items that are numerous (like mana pickups) get a max of 64x64 texture. Ever.
  • More important items, like weapons, get 128x128
  • tbh I don't think any other item needs more than 64x64. If you disagree, you probably suck at uv mapping :3
  • don't ever exceed 200 triangles

Artifacts Edit

Artifacts are items that you can pick up and use on demand!

Torch Edit

it's on fire! it is a torch. it lights up the place

Quartz Flask Edit

A flask that heals you and you can carry it around! On demand health

Mystic Urn Edit

Totally refreshes you and it's also automatically used when you die if you have one.

Krater of Might Edit

this maximumizes your mana power

Chaos Device Edit

Teleports you elsewhere!!! Good for getting out of jams and sandwiches.

Boots of Speed Edit

These are boots that make you go blast processing.

Disc of Repulsion Edit

you don't have to be ugly to use this. You can force push others with it

Icon of the Defender Edit

The lamers best item :) it makes you INVINCIBLE!!!

Tome of Power Edit

This powers you weapons to do totally different crazy stuff you'd never thought they would do! For a limited time only!

Seal of the Ovinomancer Edit

Turn monsters and enemies into a little gnu wildebeest!! THEN KILL THEM

Glyph of the Ancients Edit

A throwable/deployable item that commonly explodes or cause damage to others. Differing effect between classes. Paladin throws, makes a big boom, Necro makes a stupid boom in its position, Assassin sets up tripmines, Crusader has these seeking mines and Succubus makes a big stink everywhere.

Force Cube Edit

this is a flying stupid cube that shoots at peoples

Stone of Summoning Edit

makes a big imp

Invisibility Sphere Edit

Renders you invisible!

Boost Edit

Healing Vial Edit

it's some little simple thing that heals your health. instant use.

Blue Mana Edit

boosts your blue mana a little!

Green Mana Edit

boosts your blue mana a little!

Combined Mana Edit

boosts your blue mana a little!

Armor Edit

Amulet Edit

Good for the necro. Looks like an amulet.

Breastplate Edit

Good for the paladin. Looks like a MALE breastplate

Bracers Edit

Good for the assassin. Looks like bracers

Helmet Edit

Good for the crusader. Looks like a helmet.

Ring Edit

Ring of Flight Edit

Makes you fly!

Ring of water breathing Edit

Gives you the ability to cook pancakes! Oh theres also that water breathing feature.

Ring of regeneration Edit

You get to party and stuff because it's your generation oh yea your health comes back too because you're trying to be young again.

Ring of ReflectionEdit

Gives you SKIN TIGHT CHROME BODY and since this is super reflective it superly reflectives.

Puzzle Edit


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