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Appeared in 0.7.1

Map description Edit

A very simple CTF map with imbalance on purpose.

Flags are on two floating platforms. Underneath them, four floating platforms connected by walkways in a sort of big ring allow to go from a side of the map to the other one. When a player gets under a flag platform, a "suction" brings him to the upper floor.
One base has got plasma, the other base has got shotguns: considering the openess of the map, the team with plasma has got an advantage over the other one.

Due to the imbalance, the map is not adapt for general use... it may still be used as a "challenge" for differently skilled teams, or may be balanced by taking advantage of some features which were not available at the time of OA 0.7.1:

However, probably it would not be a great map anyway, due to its boring, linear design. There are a lot of better maps to play!

Cut Reasons Edit

According to fromhell, stroggi made the map in order to insult OA. In the era the map was included, there wasn't any content quality control system (like nowadays' SVN Commits) so people submitted their maps and people with commit rights included it without questioning.

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