Am galmevish-small
Luciano "Neon Knight" Balducchi
Cut content
Appeared in 0.8.1

Map Description Edit

This map is thought as a tribute to Unreal Series' Morbias series of maps.

It contains a main, large square surrounded by colums, with a deadly central pit. Over the pit, there is a thin wood bridge that allows to get the quad damage item. Corridors at two extremities of the square allow to get to the upper floor by using some teleporters or by using some large ramps. The upper floor overlooks on the main square, all around it.

This map has the peculiarity of containing almost no health bonuses (there are only some +5 health bonuses on the upper floor), and no armor bonuses.

Cut reasons Edit

Bad brushworking (it was one of the author's very first maps)

It was replaced by an improved version, am_galmevish2.

Tactics and strategyEdit

  • When playing in Elimination and similar modes, with self damage disabled, you can make large use of rocket jumps to get to the upper floor and to quickly move around the arena in general. When playing in other gametypes, with self damage enabled, instead, take into account that this map contains very few health bonuses!
  • It is easy to push someone in the pit, when he's on the woody bridge.

Screenshots Edit

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