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Configuration File For ServerEdit

//generated by quake, do not modify
sets _Info "SERVER INFO"
sets _Admin "ADMIN NAME"
seta g_warningExpire "300"
seta g_maxWarnings "3"
seta g_publicAdminMessages "1"
seta g_specChat "0"
seta g_adminMaxBan "2w"
seta g_adminTempBan "2m"
seta g_adminNameProtect "1"
seta g_adminParseSay "1"
seta g_adminLog "admin.log"
seta g_admin "admin.dat"
seta g_floodMinTime "1200"
seta g_floodMaxDemerits "5000"
seta g_catchup "0"
seta g_lms_mode "0"
seta g_runes "0"
seta g_awardpushing "1"
seta g_lagLightning "1"
seta g_truePing "1"
seta g_delagHitscan "1"
seta pmove_float "1"
seta pmove_msec "11"
seta pmove_fixed "0"
seta g_voteMinFraglimit "0"
seta g_voteMaxFraglimit "20"
seta g_voteMinTimelimit "0"
seta g_voteMaxTimelimit "15"
seta g_voteGametypes "/0/1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/"
seta g_voteNames "/kick/clientkick/map_restart/map/timelimit/fraglimit/"
seta g_allowVote "1"
seta g_filterBan "1"
seta g_banIPs ""
seta g_logsync "0"
seta g_log "server.log"
seta g_doWarmup "1"
seta g_warmup "10"
seta g_teamForceBalance "0"
seta g_teamAutoJoin "0"
seta g_friendlyFire "0"
seta videoflags "1"
seta g_maxGameClients "10"
seta cm_playerCurveClip "1"
seta net_socksPassword ""
seta net_socksUsername ""
seta net_socksPort "1080"
seta net_socksServer ""
seta net_socksEnabled "0"
seta net_mcast6iface ""
seta net_mcast6addr "ff04::696f:7175:616b:6533"
seta net_enabled "1"
seta sv_banFile "serverbans.dat"
seta sv_lanForceRate "1"
seta sv_master5 ""
seta sv_master4 ""
seta sv_master3 ""
seta sv_master2 ""
seta sv_dlURL ""
seta sv_allowDownload "1"
seta sv_fps "25"
seta sv_floodProtect "1"
seta sv_maxPing "1000"
seta sv_minPing "0"
seta sv_maxRate "50000"
seta sv_minRate "0"
seta sv_maxclients 20
seta sv_hostname "CITA320"
seta sv_pure "0"
seta sv_privateClients 8
//seta sv_privatepassword "password"
//seta g_needpass 1
//seta g_password "password"
seta rconPassword "password"
seta sv_voip "1"
seta timelimit "10"
seta fraglimit "13"
seta dmflags "0"
seta vm_ui "2"
seta vm_game "2"
seta vm_cgame "2"
seta g_gametype 4
//Map cycle
set d1 "map ps9ctf; set nextmap vstr d2"
set d2 "map ctf_inyard; set nextmap vstr d3"
set d3 "map ps37ctf; set g_gravity 790; set nextmap vstr d4"
set d4 "map oasago2; set nextmap vstr d5"
set d5 "map pul1ctf; set nextmap vstr d6"
set d6  "map ps9ctf; set nextmap vstr d7"
set d7  "map oa_spirit3; set nextmap vstr d8"
set d8  "map ps37ctf; set g_gravity 790; set nextmap vstr d9"
set d9  "map oasago2; set nextmap vstr d10"
set d10 "map pul1ctf; set nextmap vstr d11"
set d11  "map ps9ctf; set nextmap vstr d12"
set d12  "map ctf_gate1; set nextmap vstr d13"
set d13  "map ps37ctf; set g_gravity 790; set nextmap vstr d14"
set d14  "map oasago2; set nextmap vstr d15"
set d15  "map pul1ctf; set nextmap vstr d1"
set nextmap "vstr d1"

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