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See also: Release history, Roadmap


0.8.8 (02/14/2012)Edit

  • Mac is back! (Updated Windows, Linux and Mac OSX binaries) - Important note for Mac users: the Mac binaries in the "0.8.8 unified package" zip do not run out-of-the box due to wrong file attributes: you may need to "chmod" them, or to use the 0.8.8 Mac binaries that come with the "0.8.8 patch" package.
  • Two new single player campaign tiers
  • 13 new maps: am_galmevish2, am_lavaarena, am_lavactf, am_lavactfxl, am_mckinleyish2, am_spacecont, am_thornish, mlca1, mlctf1beta, oasago1, oa_thor, pul1duel_oa and pxlfan.
  • oa_bases3plus3 (previously dummied out) has been fixed and it's working. There's also a Missionpack version called oa_bases3p3ta, including the Missionpack weapons, runes and items.
  • New player model: Neko.
  • Specular maps have been added to many player and weaponsmodels. These can be disabled by turning off detail textures.
  • Invulnerability powerup and effects
  • Grappling hook model, shader, and sounds
  • Angelyss, Gargoyle have been reanimated
  • Liz and SMarine animation glitches fixed
  • Music
  • Many of the old maps got entity tweaks, gametype unlocking and other fixes.
  • Benchmark demo (see timedemo)
  • Fixed TEAMMATE kill message bug.
  • Prevent team changing and disconnect from changing team score in Team Deathmatch.
  • Don't let vampire resurrect dead players.
  • Now uses FFA spawnpoints in domination.
  • Workaround for Kamikaze bug.
  • g_autonextmap added ("Auto change map" in the menu). Randomly picks a new map once the current map has ended. The maps allowed for each gametype are configurable.
  • You can now see how much health the obelisks have left in Overload
  • Autoswitch weapon can now be set to only change to better or new weapons (see autoswitch for info).
  • Chat beep can be disabled in options.
  • Changed default customvotefile to customvote.cfg.
  • Added the possibility for respawning in waves. The cvar g_respawntime says how often players should spawn.
  • Added a CVAR g_voteBan X - bans a player for X minutes using the KK-admin system
  • Added g_gravityModifier (default 1.0) that modifies g_gravity relatively to the value set by the map.
  • Additional dmflags. Most notably "Fast weapon switch" and "No self damage from weapons".
  • Added a CVAR g_damageModifier to modify damage of all weapons and triggers.
  • Added replace_* cvars like disable_*. Can be used like "set replace_weapon_shotgun weapon_bfg" for replacing shutgun by BFG.
  • Handicap is reset to 100 once returned to the main menu (it's safer you set it depending from your opponents skill in each match).
  • Added "Click to respawn"-message. Tells the player how long until they are allowed to respawn. Very relevant for wave spawning.
  • New specular code, r_specmode 1 to enable
  • New environment map code, r_envmode 1 to enable
  • Cascaded bloom, which is more 'natural', and is faster on lower end hardware than original bloom. R_bloom_cascade 1 to enable (bloom has to be enabled, too).
  • Bloom is not allowed if we don't have forced 32-bit color for textures. This stops the user from playing with corrupt bloom in 16-bit color since the bloom code doesn't really support that yet.
  • Support for GLSL shaders!
  • Compatibility for third-party bots designed for Q3A.
  • Some fog shaders more similar to how they looked like in Q3.
  • Support for "!gametype" key in maps: show item in all gametypes except those specified. See Mapping#Limiting items to certain gametypes.
  • Some other bugs fixed (/serverstatus crash, text color ^8 in console, rocket explosion animation, "bleeding edge" bloom bug...)

0.8.5 (02/23/2010)Edit

  • UI restyling by Udi. In case you have not noticed, OA is now blue!
  • New effects: rocket smoke, shotgun sparks, flares.
  • New maps include:
    • am_underworks, am_underworks2, hydronex2 from ArmageddonMan
    • blitzkrieg3 from ArmageddonMan and Boczeq
    • oa_koth2 from cosmo
    • ps9ctf, ps37ctf from PsYthe
  • Map improvments include ctf_compromise, ctf_gate1, ctf_inyard and oa_minia
  • Angelyss team skins are more colorful
  • 3 new player skins, one for Beret, one for Assassin and one for Angelyss
  • New inclusion of the Challenge system. Read here and here for details about it.
  • Empty servers without humans with only humans set is now really really empty
  • Voting menu and custom votes
  • Different styles of weapon bars
  • Various gameplay bugs fixed, like LMS survivor bug
  • New server admin system as explained here.
  • Bots are much improved and understand the gameplay objectives better of the latter gametypes (Harvester, Overload, etc)
  • "Accurate" game physics mode added.

Note: a significantly more extensive 0.8.5 changelog is available here.

0.8.1 (10/31/2008)Edit

  • Uses protocol 71
  • Single player campaign re-organized (Thanks cosmo)
  • 'Deprecated' client for Windows 9X (lacks IPv6 support). KernelEX may help running the game on Win9X.
  • New hitsound
  • New map: ps37ctf
  • New map: ctf_gate1
  • New map: am_galmevish
  • Space Marine should no longer crash on old client
  • Chaingun works in unlagged now
  • non-Free texture folders from previous release removed (this also removes the schism and q3dm6ish-v2 map)

0.8.0 (8/8/2008)Edit

  • Better mouse control (it'd better be)
  • Initial release of 'missionpack'
  • Missionpack weapons added back into baseoa (this means NAILGUNS, PROXIMITY MINES AND CHAINGUNS in non-missionpack mode!)
  • New announcer voices from Fuzztooth
  • New player model : Sorceress
  • New map: oa_bases7
  • New map: pul1ctf
  • New map: schism
  • q3dm6ish retextured by TRaK, and is back in the maps menu
  • oa_bases3 recompiled with fast water (should perform 632% faster)
  • Classic version of oa_bases3 snuck in :)
  • oa_minia updated
  • dm6ish updated (retextured, and bots aren't dumb at the door anymore)
  • New plasma gun model and skin from enki
  • New sound effects for shotgun, railgun, and weapon switching
  • New CTF event sounds
  • New Kyonshi voices, courtesy of aeri_s
  • Ayumi optimized, at the cost of the Jenna skin :(
  • Beret greatly improved, in skin and animation and taunt sound
  • Some simple stress and flyby demo files (intended for timedemo)
  • All TGAs that had broken headers are now corrected
  • Other stuff like random asset polish

0.7.7 (5/28/2008)Edit

  • Fixed "Getting stuck bug"
  • Fixed logging bug
  • Fixed UI crash
  • Fixed overflow in Multiplayer list + Some of beast's changes to server list (longer names)
  • Instantgib and All rockets disabled during single player startup
  • Clears nextmap after single player
  • Windows only: new SDL.dll allows Caps Lock and Num Lock to be used as keys.
  • Using protocol number 69, this should only now show servers running 0.7.7 (In other words, no more lotsofservers with 'invalid game folder' error)

0.7.6 (4/20/2008)Edit

  • New player model : Assassin
  • New player model : Smarine
  • New player skin : Angelyss/Neko
  • New player skin : Grism/Indigo
  • Ayumi/Neko, Angelyss/Sly have been atticed due to quality reasons.
  • Current music scrapped due to license issues. (No source, and license)
  • Text font (bigchars.tga) used by console and hud messages now doesn't bleed any more
  • Special characters added for text font (bigchars.tga) used by some mods
  • lots of maps, at least 8!
  • oa_ctf2 is more balanced, slightly retextured
  • Elimination and CTF elimination game types
  • Double domination game type
  • Last Man Standing game type
  • Instant Gib option
  • All Rockets option
  • Unlagged tracehits option
  • Alt-tab working
  • Classic Grism aren't teamskins anymore
  • A lot of the block textures were reworked and improved
  • A lot of other stuff we forgot like minor polishings

0.7.1 (8/8/2007)Edit

  • Angelyss/dark_blue is more blue on costume
  • New item icons from anyone
  • Less bots for oa_dm2 in single player campaign
  • Fan crash fix
  • You can no longer walk in the sky on Suspended
  • Beret is more polished, wears his beret properly
  • Announcer is a bit louder and much cleaner
  • New rocket smoke

0.7.0 (7/7/2007)Edit

  • lots of crap.
  • New player model : Arachna
  • New player model : Angelyss
  • New player model : Ayumi
  • New player model : Beret
  • New player model : Liz
  • New player model : Merman
  • New player model : Penguin
  • New player model : Skelebot
  • New player model : Sergei
  • New player model : Tony
  • New voice and skins for Grism
  • 26 new maps
  • Quake's DM maps converted, from dm1 to dm7
  • ce1m7's teleport bug fixed
  • oa_bases3 had an overhaul, now more balanced too
  • various weapon sounds are new
  • new announcer voice
  • dm4ish, dm6ish, and cbctf1 also had several changes
  • new gibs
  • new music
  • uses ioquake3 revision 1107
  • a lot of other stuff we forgot

0.6.0 (12/2/2006)Edit

  • Botfiles code from dmn_clown!
  • Binaries updated to ioquake3 revision 982
  • Engine now uses "baseoa" as a base folder as well as its own local user settings folder
  • Pk3 files are now split into components again
  • New splash video.
  • Ogg support enabled.
  • New player model : Kyonshi! She's based on the Chinese jiang-shi (hopping corpse) mythology. Created by enki and leileilol. Voice provided by pixie.
  • New player model : Major! Created by JKM Makowka, animated and exported by leileilol. Voice also provided by pixie.
  • Ed's conversion of Quake's E1M7 converted over (GPL v2)
  • Vondur's Kaos map converted over. (GPL v2)
  • Tyrann's Aggressor map converted over. (GPL v2)
  • C.Brutail's cbctf1 converted over. (GPL v2 also)
  • Gargoyle is reskinned by enki
  • Gargoyle's wings are finally fixed and added.
  • New lightning gun skin from enki
  • New plasma gun skin from enki
  • New railgun skin from enki
  • New gauntlet skin from slyus
  • New machinegun skin from slyus
  • New lightning gun effects
  • Health items reworked; they all have spheres with LODs and shaders
  • Decals are slightly more polished.
  • A lot of sounds are polished.
  • New flesh footsteps
  • New win32 icon
  • Removed oa_bubctf1. Apparently the OGSL isn't so "Free" after all :(
  • More 2D icons
  • Mega health model
  • Machinegun repositioned
  • Machinegun flash rotated (to be a bit like q3's)
  • Other little things I might have forgotten

0.5.1 (8/26/2006)Edit

  • Removed Fox_DF's sounds due to possible copyright issues
  • "Mouth" weapon sounds take the old weapon sounds place
  • LOD models added for: shotgun, gargoyle, grism(sarge)
  • Alternate simple "sprite" muzzleflashes also included (low geometry detail mode)
  • A couple new of benchmark demos added to demonstrate how well the new low detail meshes help game performance ;)
  • Chaingun model added (for the 'missionpack' like project that may be done in the future)

0.5.0 (8/20/2006)Edit

  • New map! oa_bubctf1, based on ButtahB's bubctf1 (The Vast and the Furious). CPMA players might recognize it ;)
  • New (and still temporary) machinegun texture
  • New menu buttons, thanks to MilesTeg.
  • New explosion sound and texture
  • Flares! Toggle with r_flares 0 or 1.
  • Detail textures! Toggle with r_detailTextures 0 or 1.
  • Now based on source code.
  • New skin for gargoyle - "tech" by Morphed.
  • Gargoyle skins improved (mostly in musculature detail but the detail overlay has been changed too)
  • Removed "ALPHA 4" and id software credits in menu
  • Fire textures and shader!
  • New liquid textures
  • New grenade explosion
  • Railtrail/plasmatrail shader implemented (cg_oldRail 0 / cg_oldPlasma 0)
  • Rocket sparks shader implemented (cg_oldRocket 0)
  • A new skybox from Nexuiz
  • A new skybox (space) by MilesTeg
  • dm4ish and q3dm6ish should have less zfighting and better texture alignment, thanks to div0
  • some other things i forgot

up to version 0.4Edit

Alpha 0.4.1 (6/6/2006)Edit

  • DM6ISH added, map by SavageX (adapted from Nexuiz map sources)
  • New sound effects for the rocket launcher and shotgun
  • New rocket launcher, with a quick skin and also a weapon hand! (So it doesn't look so big)
  • New Gargoyle mapobject
  • New door and menu sounds (lifted from openquartz)
  • Fixed several decal shaders being overrided
  • Sun flare shader fixed
  • Reorganized files into seperate pk3 components
  • InfoZIP is now used to pack the pk3s (slightly smaller now)
  • Due to balance issues, oa_bases3 (CTF) is left out of the arenas.txt (it is still there, but play at your own risk!)
  • "Tiny" build for slower and disk space deprived machines
  • Windows installer now defaults its path to Program Files

Alpha 4 (5/7/2006)Edit

  • New shotgun skin and uvs from BlackThief.
  • New railgun by leileilol. Crap skin unfortunately
  • New gauntlet by leileilol. no skin yet
  • New gargoyle player model by leileilol, however wings are broken so they are not exported.
  • New flag by leileilol (very simple and small though)
  • New remodeled low poly plasma gun by leileilol
  • Chaingun muzzleflash by leileilol (made ahead of time for the future Team edition)
  • New explosion sprites (sampled from a public domain "explosion" found on wikimedia commons)
  • New CTF ditties by leileilol (corny and quickly tracked)
  • New ambient sounds
  • New "Sarge" sounds
  • New banner5.md3 (The title logo)
  • Fixed in some missing menu graphics
  • Changed menu backgrounds to non*animated dark ones
  • New oa_rpg3dm2 DM map by RPG, retextured for OA. (some bugs still remain, such as bright water, lack of flares, etc)
  • flare shaders (not enabled in oa yet, you can use ioq3 though)
  • added silly intro logo video

Alpha 3 DM Test (2/25/2006)Edit

  • internet play fixed! Thanks mewse for compiling the binaries too
  • added announcer voices by Mancubus (
  • Removed terrarena
  • Removed tux as it's a small cheating model. Don't worry tux fans, he will be remodeled at proper size again surely :)
  • DM4ish added, along with .MAP
  • Q3DM6ish added, along with .MAP (Quick conversions of Aardappel's q1 maps of the same name)
  • GRiSM player model animated, exported and available! Replaces the sarge gargoyle (there is no default "sarge" model yet) Model by Chris Holden, skins by Morphed, and rig/anims by leileilol.
  • VMs seperated from content
  • New machinegun, similar to the original (as it spins). UVW'd, but not skinned, so for now it is chromed.
  • new temporary grenade launcher, with grenade model
  • New machinegun and shotgun muzzleflashes
  • crosshairs
  • Some new textures from mewse
  • fixed levelshot screen
  • added levelshots :D
  • a bunch of sounds are added from Nexuiz 1.5. props to alientrap
  • vms are now recompiled from the gpl source.
  • ui.qvm : alot of credits changes, cdkey screen has a notice, etc
  • new plasma impact, pretty
  • new railgun impact, just as pretty
  • rocket and grenade explosions are tweaked to expand now. much better
  • new bullet/shell impact, looks much better than the "firefly" sparks from before.
  • new teleport effect
  • plenty of new sounds now
  • new armor
  • lightning effect now works!
  • basic gib

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