This list is composed of "non-bugs" and bugs which won't be fixed, in order to unclutter the Bugs page. This is typically engine design. Also, stuff in Cut Content won't be fixed. Everytime a new entry is placed, a reason for the removal of the list should be placed right after that.

Not bugs Edit

  • Angelyss' (and others who share the same animations, such as Neko) "fire" animation gets overridden by the "idle" animation after just few frames (sometimes, after no frames): she doesn't move her body according to the fire action. Detected in OA 0.8.8. Info here.
    • Fromhell replied here that "Due to the way the model's made (the entire body and head is on lower.md3) there is no actual attack frames. Not a bug, just a design side effect.".

Won't be fixed Edit

  • If you start the game from a command line like openarena.exe +exec <cfg file name> +set <variablename> 1 and the cfg file specifies a different value for the same variable (for example, 0), the one from the cfg file "wins". Under Quake III Arena v1.32, in the same situation the value "manually" entered overrides the one from the cfg file, and I suppose also OpenArena should work this way, no? See here. You can find an example here. Maybe is it intentional? Can someone check?
    • This was always the behavior of how the game loads the cfg.

See also Edit

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